All in coast

Nature inspires me

Today I have set aside a little time to share photos I have taken this week on our evenings out to escape the heat. My first photo is actually of one of my current knitting projects, the lace weight top called Adelaide. This

Coastal butterflies

Sleeveless dresses, sunhat, sunglasses and don't forget the suncream. Is this Northern Ireland, were we love to talk about the weather, normally cold but refreshing with day after day of rain, after all this is why we have so much green. Are we the only two who long for those days when we can listen to the blackbird singing after a shower and smell the freshness around us after a summer of rain.

I didn’t think I would be typing a blog after a week that it has been too warm to wear any of my knitwear. I can now understand how my friends feel who love knitting but live in temperatures like we have experienced or even hotter for more than a week.