Something blue

Something blue

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

The colour, the word, the mood, the feeling all associated with blue. My blog today isn't a wedding when often we remember the quote above. Maybe the something old could be my photographer as he celebrates another year on Friday and goodness me those white hairs may tell a tale and possibly I added a few too many as I was growing up (and dare I think I am still adding to the white hair which often over exposes my sneaky photos!) 

back again

We took a short trip to Rough Island, the island that has the path which disappears when the tide comes in. The tide was coming in last night but didn't cover the path before we came back over although I have to say that would have added a paddle and splash to the blog today. It was close as I really was slow but my mind had to complete the first of two projects which was Traigh, the shawl by Kate Davies Designs knit in Kate's yarn, Milarrochy Tweed and yes, you may have guessed Tarbet my love of this blue continues. Today my second kit arrived to knit the new trending now pattern of a shrug. I have just started as I had some blue waiting to knit the yoke sweater and now I have seen the shrug knit with stripes, I guess I might be repeating a pattern as Kate really is bringing together the knitting community from near and far with patterns we can all enjoy. Simple yet with interest, perfect for summer knitting. 

This should have been an evening stroll and both of us enjoyed the unexpected return of blue skies. Typically after the heatwave, my projects were ready to photograph and the skies went due and the rain came down. We aren't complaining as rain was needed and relief from the humid air. Although we were there with the photos in mind and my love of collecting things I find at the coast wasn't as easy as exhaustion had caught up with me but I was only too thankful we could go out. I may not have collected physical objects but there is no escaping my eye when I see a flutter or colours, textures which really inspire me to think about this small corner of the world. A few sneaky photos but they had meaning even if dad didn't know what I meant! All of my thoughts and quick snaps played on my mind which soon inspired me to add this blog.

blue, yellow, white, little boy blue co-ordinating with the scene. No expense spared!

We are playing sneak the photo as I downloaded dad's photos to find he was behind the lens this time making a scene of me! I have to add when we were almost finished the photos were taken when I really was trying to keep my eyes open and my feet walking back to the car, only to discover this morning, I had adjusted the shawl to the way I liked to wear it but dad didn't notice my camisole had come out of my jeans and was hanging down beneath my sweatshirt! I knew I was having trouble keeping my jeans up (we had decided to go at the last minute and I didn't have time to find a belt. I don't like wearing belts but my jeans were too big round my waist, I held them up but didn't realise, today's washing was on display) I am glad I took another sneaky photo which I will add to the blog to keep dad on his toes too.

remember to take an iron next time!

Aside from the fun shots, I cannot help but mention all the colours of nature without this area. All created for us to enjoy and conserve, these didn't appear after a big bang. Rock of ages before me, think about these words.

We were walking along beside the lichen covered branches through the island path, when I saw a flutter, knew this wasn't minuscule moth wings and wasn't butterfly wings. I kept my eye trained to the landing post which typically was in the thicket. It is amazing how my mind works as I knew I would love a photo but I was aware this flutter was safe were he landed and it was more important to me he was safe. I tired to take as much in with the markings we could see, snapped a few (awful) photos juts to log any detail that may and did escape my mind. The DSLR couldn't focus as the thicket was full of everything. I was just abut to fall right in when the mother decided my safety was a priority and left! We had seen our first Magpie moth, quickly identified online with the markings I added to the search. I was pleased I had the somewhat mystery photos as the coloured sections were greater than I had remembered and almost moved me on to trying to find a different moth. This made both of us very happy, something to remember from our adventure. We saw the line up of starlings on the over head power lines before we reached the island and knew they would soon meet up for their evening murmuration (a sight to behold!) we listened and watched as the swifts flew low, feeding as we crossed the path at the outset of our trip. These all make memories and both of us share the same joy, we know when one of us stops, to stop and look as four eyes can take in more and at least one of us will remember a fleeing encounter to enrich our minds.

into the blue

The fun wasn't over as I was the thicket hunter and the something blue was off without thinking.....he had rescued my bag when I left it aside to try and take the photo of the Magpie moth 

waiting for the tide : in and out

I will end this blog before my energy runs out with a  photo of the Island. If you look closely you will see the people walking over the path which will soon be covered when the tide comes in. The Island will be isolated until the tide goes out and then it's an area to seek and find what the tide left behind.

Thank you for reading and many thanks to everyone who comments or sends me messages to encourage me. I am very, very grateful for friends across the world and do not think I could ever explain how friendships have developed through my stumbling words and experiences shared. Beverley



Nature inspires me

Nature inspires me