Rock on

After a week or more (I have lost track of time) of intensive heat, hosepipe bans and the threat of a shortage of vegetables. I thought I wouldn’t be able to enjoy wearing my knitwear for a couple more weeks as the forecast is grim (hot, hot, hot) for those of us who prefer cooler weather with the odd day of rain thrown in. It is amazing how soon we have become acclimatised and plan our lives around sunshine and blue skies. We made our minds up to go back to the coast, to take some photos of Atlas the cardigan I had just finished knitting.  I could visualise the rocks being a good back drop for the grey of my cardigan. I planned to take my jeans and shoes to change into as previously all I could think of wearing was my sleeveless dresses with bare feet and sandals. Imagine our surprise when the clouds arrived, the blue skies disappeared. We now had a dilemma which made us think of how we had taken the previous days of hot weather for granted. We decided to go and try as the light was good being tempered with the clouds rather than dazzling in the sunshine which would have presented more problems than the cloud. I must add we had another glitch as dad had been in and out of the house, garages, garden all day and couldn't remember where he had left his car keys. He found them but I thought it was the answer to my prayers that the photo shoot could be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances....was it safe for me to go with the silver wave surfer?

 solid rock

solid rock

Atlas, on our shelves is a large book with a collection of maps and charts. Atlas on and off my needles travelled across to the USA as this was designed by Jared Flood and his company Brooklyn Tweed. I think we all know I knit quite a lot of Brooklyn Tweed’s patterns and with their wool but this time my wool was from Kate Davies who has a small business in Scotland. Milarrochy Tweed the wool and mohair I used was spun for Kate in Donegal and this brings me home to living in Northern Ireland.

Birkin grey, rock and stone

Needless to say when dad came along, our photo shoot was fun and sometime uncomfortable as I tried to stay still on a very hard rock. The man in his shorts, took his time to get the right angle while I sat and prayed he would let me move from my not so soft and comfortable rock. Why did I visualise the rock backdrop when I ended up perched precariously at times. Swipe, click, pop each photo, if you would like to view my rock solid pose!

While I waited for his clicks I was thinking and looking below my feet and there in the rock pools lay the treasures that the tide had brought in. I couldn’t wait to be ‘allowed to move as I had spied a sea urchin, ever so tiny. I collected my treasure and then saw some jelly fish although this time I just took a photo as a memory! We were on our way back to the car and found groups of thistles reminding us of The Shieling blanket that I am currently knitting. In the midst of the thistles a tiny ladybird slept. We have noticed there hasn’t been as many ladybirds this year and we would have walked past this one if we didn’t stop to study the thistles. The thistles weren’t very friendly and both of us knew what it was like to be a pin cushion

Treasures of the sea : sea urchin

All in all, despite the cloud that we hadn’t seen for so long we had a lovely evening and I really enjoyed wearing my cardigan. Milarrochy Tweed feels light in weight but holds warmth for the times when I am feeling cool. The evening was balmy but I was more comfortable wearing my cardigan as I really feel my blood has thinned down to cope with the heatwave and now when temperatures go below 20C I think it is cold! Photos on rocks, treasures found in rock pools, rock on dad - it’s a wrap!

swipe and pop the silver wave surfer playing his role as a

side notes : Milarracohy Tweed : Birkin, Cranachan, Bruce