Thistles and daisy

A little bit of a mix on my blog today, nature, a sleeping photographer and an update of my knitted thistles have been my source of inspiration to share with you today. Formal gardens, neatly trimmed lawns, box hedges, keep on the path can sometimes halt our steps and take away the beauty in simplicity that some see as unwanted yet I see their beauty.

tossing and turning 

A simple daisy, but before mowing them down study the detail, the colours, the food source for insects. Remember the joy we had as children learning to make daisy chains to wear like a necklace or a princesses crown. Looking out to our garden I can see the buds of peonies ready to burst with the promise of beauty, for a season short lived but the memory will live longer in my mind as I have seen the spiral supports without any sign of growth. I then watched the foliage intertwine around and now I see buds of promise and know very soon I will watch them unfold with curls of petals and remember why I chose them for dad to plant in our garden. Daises are around us, we didn’t choose them but they still remind me of beauty in the everyday, please don’t just mow them away.

Sometimes when I’m feeling anxious and out of the social rigmaroles I feel like the dandelion heads to blow and scatter and cause frustration to the gardener again. If you blow me away, I may come back but will you know where to find me?

Thinking of social sharing, I am reminded of two ladies I follow who post photos of nature which really have helped me as both focus on areas that I have focused on when we were out more. I could easily be on a photo walk with them as they seem to see the tings I see! Catherine takes wonderful shots of flowers from the same prospective I liked to use. They really inspire me to hope I will be out to take photos like this again. Mary has wonderful shots of the Canadian coast, refreshing my mind when we visit the coast. Capturing the details in driftwood and rocks while portraying the expanse of the sea. Mary’s photos then focus on the fragility of a tiny flower, appearing out of nowhere. These are photos that I would take too. Both love to knit and both love nature. Instagram brings all of this together and I am privileged to share their timeline. 

Finally a little progress for me on going out, although the first evening was a lot shorter than anticipated. The sun shone all day and dad suggested an evening stroll to let us both enjoy the fresher air. I got changed, ready for a walk but as soon as we walked outside the sun packed its bags and went in behind the clouds! We went ahead thinking it would come out again but the faint flash of lightning and the distant thunder made us think someone was getting the rain both of us so much want. Normally we wouldn’t let this put us off but as my leg isn’t dependable, going too far from the car was a bit more of an adventure we could take this time. I felt cold so we just walked a short distance and it was enough to encourage me that I had made a start. Why do I have to start this week anticipating a trip to the dentist......and a very sore eye to blur everything today.

Last night I got ready for bed but the sun stayed out so I changed and off we went again. I was waiting for dad to take the car out of the garage when a flash of yellow flew past me. I knew it had landed in the trees and curiosity got the better of me, our walk could be delayed as there in the midst of the trees was a yellow brimstone moth. It was almost the colour of the fir needles but the details of tiny brown spots were visible, high up. We had seen the brimstone last year on our garden fence and dad saw it as soon as I told him to look up. Passing by or just looking up, the moth was hidden to the eye but as I was in the right place at the right time we shared the secret of disguise and there it nested for the night. It was still there when we came home although dad checked this morning and it had flown just before the sun came round to heat the moth up. I am definitely not a moth fan but when I see ones like this I really feel the special moment is one to share. It was a joy to see a family sitting alongside the river, enjoying a picnic, old style with blanket and hamper. The children weren’t toddlers, 10 - 12 years and they were enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, no gadgets in sight, this was a delight to see. 

knitting thistles, stitch by stitch, square by square 

knitting thistles, stitch by stitch, square by square 

Thinking of daises and how they can be friend or unwanted reminded me of thistles. Some are seen as something to get out of the way and are often only left on scrub land but Goldfinch can feed from the seed heads and a lot of nature around us is dependent on thistles. The thistle heads I am knitting for the blanket from The West Highland Way collection by Kate Davies are true Scottish thistles with spectacular beauty in the details of their heads. Knitting the squares reminds me every day of the beauty in nature and how this has been designed to let us knit the beauty of nature from stitches on our knitting needles. I have completed four strips of six with 5 squares in each strip. I started this in February and didn’t expect to keep knitting daily but the project has been one I keep to give my mind a rest from any other project I have been knitting. Currently the colour work is perfect as I am knitting pieces of a cardigan which won’t have any colour work until I join everything up to knit the yoke. I am sure you can imagine after Geiger the knitting round and round can be tedious but with the help of my stranded squares I can knit round and round and hopefully when I join the pieces up my experimental cardigan will work out as planned. I am nervous as the wool isn’t the one I should be using for this cardigan. I had purchased the wool to knit Kate’s yoke but when Kate introduced the new colours and the sweater design I decided to knit another cardigan and wait for Tarbet to come back into stock and knit the sweater version. Hopefully another pattern or wool won’t hijack my mind before the fresh stock arrives! I am knitting the 25th square of the 30 needed to join six strips and then face yet more picking up of stitches to knit a border!

sleeping on the job...surrounded by the beauty of nature 

sleeping on the job...surrounded by the beauty of nature 

My photographer has had a little break as I haven’t any completed garments to keep him busy with modelled shots. Maybe I will need to get something knit soon as look at what happens when dad decides to sleep on the job! I couldn’t resist this but please don’t tell him as I may never appear again ;)

I end my blog today with a quote to bring together the simple daisy, the thistle, the joy of seeing the brimstone moth and an evening stroll along the riverbank with dad. My first evening out for longer without knitwear to focus on but just enjoy the birds singing, a greeting from the few people we met. Nature was more active than people but those that we met were happy to speak and one lady stopped to tell me she loved my sandals! The river was low as rain hasn’t been seen for a while but the birdsong was clear, the pace strewn with wild flowers. I came home tired but could not describe the quaintly time both of us had, even in silences we knew we shared the wonders of nature in our summer evening stroll.



sculptor Constantin Brâncusi : simplicity is complexity resolved


Sunshine and shade