Along came dad

I have some fun to share today especially as it is Father's Day and my friends will know how much dad means to me and how much fun and supportive he is to me. My knitting friends will know dad as my knitwear photographer and the fun we have when we go out. My friends fro OKDOTHIS will know dad was even more fun when both of us set out to do the DO of the day.

 dad behind the lens last week

dad behind the lens last week

I hope my blog today will bring some fun and smiles when I share some of the fun memories we had on OKDOTHIS. This was an excellent photo sharing community from which I learned to see a photo everywhere and became friends with inspiring photographers. It was the one place I never failed to visit and most of us checked in first thing and throughout the day to share photos from all corners of the world. There were no ads like Instagram and we had fun times along with learning how to be creative with our cameras. During this time 'Along came dad' was launched, although we no longer have this community I am still in touch with some of the members via Instagram but we all miss the inspiration and constructive feedback we experienced when we took part in the DO of the day. Just a few days ago Niall came back to Instagram and we remembered the times we shared on OK. Niall, Christiaan, Colin, Anthony, Lee, Jeremy, Jennifer, Kim, Kait, Tonya, Portia, Tania, Shannon, Jaqueline, Karen to name only a few who continue to share photos on Instagram but we all miss the closeness and inspiration we experienced over several years.

 silver surfer

silver surfer

I am going to add some galleries for you to see how much fun dad can be and still is and why he really is the best dad in the world, to me. The photos will show that despite his medical issues and the times when photos I have remind me of how he suffers, yet never complains and is always ready to join in the fun. Dad spent his childhood with callipers on his legs and a lot of years in hospital. He has a heart condition and diabetes but he never lets any of these thing stop him. I was the naughty daughter and dad was very strict, yet it didn't do me any harm as he really is my best friend and a super dad, no matter how many years have passed. The photo site had a challenge each day, that made us think and ultimately post a photo as our interpretation of the DO of the day. Some were more serious to teach us composition etc but some were pure fun and guess came along.

Below are a selection of the 'Wallee' challenges, my model was dad and now I look at these and see mood boards of colours for knitting! These brought back so many fun memories when we went out to look for walls all because this was a DO on okdothis. We need to find more walls and start this all over again. Click along the walls

More fun challenges when yet again dad was my model and one or two show age doesn't matter. Have fun in a park.......books are everywhere (appropriate title in one of dad's) he was game for a laugh no matter what. Don't ask about the boat.....we borrowed it. Look closely the photographer (me) is in dad's sunnies for his cool portrait shot. Click along the adventures 

Another day, another challenge and dad who used to be so shy was at Castleward which was used to film the series neither of us have watched but he became a star from The Game of Thrones (we used to think it was the Game of Thorns!) We became so engrossed in our photography when visiting another National Trust property that we forgot time and we came back to the car to find this note. Thankfully I had my iPhone and they came back to let us out.

I really could share so much more but I will finish this soon with a shot that made us laugh so much, even remembering it today has brought tears to my eyes. The DO of the day was 'Legs up' we went out with a mission and found a pile of wood chips and this happened!

 Yes, it's dad!

Yes, it's dad!

I use Day One journalling app on my iPhone and iPad and didn't realise that over 5yrs I had been adding these memories. I am very fussy about any apps I use but this one has proved to be excellent. Each day I have 5 years of memories shown to me and most of these photos appeared to remind me. I didn't use it as extensively as I do now and will be adding more photo memories as this is something I don't add to my written dairy. The app and the photo sharing community we used to have really have brought together the reason for 'Along came dad'

I hope anyone that reads my blog today will enjoy some fun as I hesitated about this in case it was like viewing a morning family album. I really wanted to share something special on Father's Day while still remembering friends who no longer have their fathers. Mother's Day has the same memories and feelings for me and I didn't have a journalling app to have fun photos from times that were more family than social sharing. Both of us miss mum and I am very grateful to have be been to two very supportive parents, who believed in 'training a child in the way they should go' we still have traditional values in our home and this is why I am me. I respect dad and off course I love him and really hope you will 'see' the fun we have.

Dad doesn't know how to use a computer or an app but I think we can say he plays a big part in sharing fun and continues to support me through good and bad times.

A few nature notes from our walks during the past week.  We watched a Thrush and heard the noise as he broke the shell of a snail to indulge in the meat, on the outset of our walk and saw another one on our return journey. We saw a Jay who stayed still long enough for us to study the wonderful colours. We were entertained on two evenings with fluttering coal tits who had just fledged, wings so tiny they had to be fed before flying on but on how they made their presence known! I spied our first ladybird of this year, we had been wondering where all the ladybirds are hiding when in the midst of pink grass I saw the red with black dots; an advantage of having to walk slower along the path. We have the joy of viewing a wren’s nest, hidden in our honeysuckle. The little gapping beaks with chirps when they know the parent bird has arrived back with a beak full of wrigglies! We welcomed the return of a  goldfinch retuned this morning with the red and gold markings to charm us. 

I was in a bit of a flap this morning, thinking of all the things I had to do when I turned on the radio and our favourite piece of classical music had started to play, both of us were silent as we listened to the music which is a lovely long, relaxing piece, guaranteed to make me stop, breathe and relax Arvo Pärt’s - Spiegel im Spiegel

Happy Father's day, along came dad