Sunshine and shade

When I reflect on my love of hand knitting I realise that the twist of stitches pulls me into a vortex of vanishing hours, carefree. After the complexities of Geiger, I found the simplicity of a pullover from Brooklyn Tweed's archives with their limited release of Ranch 01 a naturally, hand dyed yarn gave me the solace my mind needed whilst keeping my interest with the challenge of blending hand dyed skeins to avoid any pooling of colour, yet keep the faded charm of the colour I had chosen to knit my pullover with. Finished photos to me where the ones I posted with Peabody on a hanger as my anxious mind of the scrutiny I would face caused a little panic and it was my time to hide. A few close friends and the boss in our home, dad encouraged me to think about being out and about with Peabody on. After a fraught start as I still have to get dad to understand I need a little time to get ready and coping with 'let's go now' made me more anxious about not having time to think about anything apart from suncream as we are enjoying a spell of 'unusual' for us sunshine and heat....ok I still wore Peabody and was very comfortable but I need a little extra heat. I have to add dad was considerate as the morning was cooler and he knew I would shiver and turn the same shade of blue as Ranch 01.

Nature's colours, palette of perfection

I will add a grid or photos for you to look through, if you wish as once again we didn't travel far and we had a peaceful time as Rowallane was tranquil leaving us areas to ourselves, without any audience watching as dad took some photographs. I wanted the cottage garden feel with colours and textures found in nature to associate and connect my feelings about this project. Flowers so delicate, colours throughout, shapes of petals, no matter what size. I sat amidst the flowers my eye seeing the tiny details I saw before when I was equipped with my camera, my heart longed to capture these details again. Blue poppies to stand tall beside me, what more could I ask, the sun shone, the shade came but nature was radiant and provided a resource for the insects and birds with a sense of calm for my mind.

Wood and stone became part of my love of this location. A pillar of stone is one of my favourites and every time we visit I always see a blueness of the stone circa 1876 history adds a special meaning from our homeland and the cottage garden has walls dating back long before dad was born. The textures of the stone, crumbling or standing strong, the shades of the brickwork all brought into focus and set the scene of my chosen location to wear Peabody for the first time. The seats are weathered but there is character there, the gardens are like secret areas with solace in every corner. No-one around to spoil this tranquil scene. The old stone of the water pump in the stable yard, rest for me, sunshine and shade.

On leaving one section of the garden we always stop and admire the twists and turns of tree trunks. I thought about my friends who have struggles of their own to cope with and how we feel when we knit or have those moments when knitting seems complex compared to life. I remembered we share the joys of knitting but we also share our love of nature and I trust this blog we help each one of them to realise how much we care for our corner of the world and for each other. 

I leave this blog with how I felt, despite being anxious there's an unspoken calm

Texture, twists and turns, we may feel weak but with care for each other we can be strong 

Texture, twists and turns, we may feel weak but with care for each other we can be strong 

A quote from Charles Dickens Great Expectations

Pip: It plaited itself into whatever I thought of



Thistles and daisy

Out with Geiger