Out with Geiger

Perhaps it will surprise anyone who reads my blog to discover today’s post won’t be verbose, despite the fact I have thoughts to share but those will have to remain in my head and notes until I recoup a lot of energy that I lost last night after I went out with dad to take a few shots of Geiger. My friends will know Geiger was a very special project and the pattern changed my direction in how I feel about my knitting and the slower pace to focus more on slow fashion with deeper meaning.

Geiger : Brooklyn Tweed Winter 18 : designer Norah Gaughan 

I have completed various projects over the past months which we weren’t able to take of me wearing them due to me feeling unwell, maybe they will appear through time. I have one almost complete knit in Brooklyn Tweed's Ranch 01 and will set a goal to have a few wearing photos to share if I pace myself with what I can do before and after a trip out now.  Last night proved to me that I couldn’t have been out on a mini photo shoot for my other projects. I must have used every drop of energy I had to let dad take photos of me wearing Geiger but determination to achieve this goal helped me to sit, stand and close my eyes while dad took his time to adjust the aperture and all those settings has given me a selection to share. I appreciate how kind friends have been to encourage me throughout knitting this cardigan and know some of my friends asked me to post some photos like we did before.

I came home, cold and exhausted; I am still very tired today. I thought I wouldn’t have any photos ( I had a quick look last night when I was too tired and had nightmares as I didn't think I had one I could use!) I thought we would have to try all over again but when dad comes along, he has more focus as he was warmer than me and his keen eye for detail brought out the cables which where the main reason I knit Geiger as mum was the one who took time to teach me to knit aran patterns when I asked when I was a child. We didn’t go too far but as Geiger was a monumental project with the history of my knitting brought together with memories of mum, we chose an historical building as our location. Parliament building and grounds in Stormont estate, Northern Ireland.

This month the creative community celebrate the #MeMadeMay which I can now add Geiger as a finished and wearable cardigan but with so much more meaning to us than just something I knit.

I will let the photos take over as I just don’t have any energy left to think clearly or even walk about without fatigue.


I have gone swatching but that’s a post for another time


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