Surprise post

I wasn’t expecting to have a blog post as I haven’t been anywhere as my leg is refusing to get better. It may be one week into the new year but to my utter surprise the postman brought me a bright red parcel, lovely gold printed bow, what could it be? 

I had my usual stop, wonder but there was a big clue on the padded envelope, this parcel had arrived from Florida and from a regular reader of our blog. I didn’t open it immediately, I had to take time to appreciate the distance travelled and the fact my dear friend Laura had sent a mystery parcel without any hint or asking if I had received a parcel in the post.

My surprise feelings turned to tears when I opened the gift and saw that Laura’s needles had been busy. I had to take photos as Laura’s knitting is impeccable and to think how she themed the colours, blue being a favourite colour of mine. The beanie is as perfect inside and out. Laura’s colour-work is exceptional! Please take time to look at the knitted angel. This is one of Laura’s own designs which she has a pattern on Ravelry for. Laura offers the pattern for her angel free to anyone who wants to knit it but Laura didn’t even ask me to knit it, she knit this one for me. The tiny stitches and details show how skilled Laura has become in knitting, which warms my heart as Laura is self taught and doesn’t fear making mistakes as she learns, unlike me!

Laura's knitting : Laura’s angel - designed and knit by Laura  

The knitting emphasised to me again how knitting for others is a treasure to receive and to give. I have sent off two of my knitworthy late gifts and admit to feeling very nervous waiting to see if the recipients like my knitting. Laura's knitting has helped me to share more than a distant friendship and seeing her knitting in reality really brings our friendship closer. I don’t think I have any words left after all the surprises before Christmas, the postman had this on a plane before Christmas as the date shows Laura knew about this when she added a comment to my last blog. Laura works so hard knitting for her siblings and parents. To think she had spent time knitting for me has left me speechless. I will have to rest after this unexpected surprise. Thank you Laura for all your comments on our blog and for these gifts which show how talented and thoughtful you are. 

I have to add that I am still overwhelmed with the friendships I have made over the year and how close I am to friends I have never met. We have fun chats mixed with inspirational chats. No matter where my friends are living their skills and care have helped me to feel part of the greater creative community. I don't need gifts as friendships and support are things money cannot buy. I love to give and hope to gain the confidence to send my knitting to more people and maybe feel less nervous waiting to see if I pass the knitting test. I am currently working on dad's sweater and a little simple red warm sweater for myself before going back to my knitworthy projects for smaller items on my needles. I feel my new shawl pin will be ever so nice on my rock red sweater, thanks to my dear friend Heather.

Laura has changed Monday’s memories and was the reason I had to add a blog post today. Monday blues are happy ones. Angel pattern on Ravelry

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