Post from Canada

I have different meanings of the word ‘post’ today, the first of which I can hardly find the words to describe. The last one I will mention at the end of this as although it was unexpected too, the surprise isn’t as joyful but at least the first post more than lifted my mind. How do I start to try and make typed words translate into the feelings I experienced when a large parcel arrived with a Canadian postmark this morning....I don’t think I can! To add to my reaction, dad’s was one of unbelief too and both of us are still trying to comprehend the kindness and generosity I have received from a lady who reads our blog and contacted me just after Christmas via Instagram. I didn’t know the lady read my blog and only realised the lady had added hearts to my Instagram photos of my knitting. I never take likes/hearts for granted as Instagram or any social sharing can be platforms sensitive people like me feel vulnerable sharing photos of knitting. When this lady asked for my address as she wanted to post a gift to me, I hesitated but I knew the lady was genuine. All I knew was it was wool I liked and this was more than kind to even think of sending a skein to me from Canada. 



A skein - no please add 1+9 = 10 cakes of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Blanket Fort

This is why both of us could not believe the contents of my post from Canada. Marsha’s  generosity didn’t end here. The cakes were packed in sets in ziplock bags, ready for me to take out and has been given a cake winding holiday! Included was three patterns and sets of buttons, I am still in shock as I type this. One of the patterns is a Brooklyn Tweed design to knit a sweater with this wool, a cable sweater, my heart was jumping and it is a design by Michele Wang who I have just discovered as a favourite designer when knitting Bellows, the cardigan which I am knitting right now afte being inspired by another lady on Instagram and Ravelry who kindly permitted me to knit the same one in the same colour. I have really enjoyed knitting the cardigan and had mentioned to dad that I would be looking at more of Michele’s designs. Marsha didn't know this but she included a pattern for Cardova which takes exactly the amount of Shelter that was in my post. A pattern booklet of one of Kate Davies designs which I didn’t have plus a pattern for a beanie to use up my bits of left over Shelter in a colour-work design - I cannot express how much emotion I have been through after opening my ‘little’ gift from Canada. The thank you card isn’t from me, it is from the Marsha to thank me for our blog! If ever I needed to feel supported recently I have been swept of my feet as things like this never happen to me and from people I don’t even know from any of my groups is, and I don’t use this word frivolously ‘amazing!’

I didn’t have time to take photos of the patterns and buttons as I had an emergency appointment with the dentist, another bit about this post soon. I have been a bit out of sorts with my leg and then a sickness bug decided to visit me over the weekend and to add more fun to the way I felt my back molar decided to part company with me on Sunday. I went along to Loop London online this morning, to look at buttons for Bellows and sneak a peek at Shelter as I have really enjoyed knitting with this recently. Dad’s sweater and my cardigan plus previous projects. I was comfort shopping before going to see the dentist with my wish list and one of the colours I had added was Blanket Fort. I think I know all the names off by heart but had never seen Blanket Fort apart from online photos. As soon as I opened my mail, even through the ziplock bag, I knew which colour it was! The reality of all of this I am still trying to comprehend but after my appointment I really felt I wanted to take time to add a blog to mark this day and thank Marsha. 

The not so joyful post is another post my tooth needs to fix the top of it. Apparently it has one post and will have another one in February. I think I best start back on my calcium tablets which I stopped as I thought maybe they were affecting my foot/leg issue as I started to use magnesium (because I Googled) Blanket Fort was my comfort blanket today and I came home with a dressing on my tooth, who knew my tooth wanted a dress :) I glanced at dad while we were in the waiting room only to see my mind must have been thinking blue and gold as both of us were wearing gold cord, dad had his navy Svenson on with a blue jacket and I had a blue shawl collar sweater on....I choose dad's clothes and didn't realise I dressed both of us alike! I am very tired right now but really wanted to add this blog before I retreat under my duvet.

The saying 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' didn't work for me today as my tooth is broken and Jim will fix it!

Waiting room - not suited but booted! Here I rest my feet

Project planning

What’s the point