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An impromptu blog post after completing another knitting project which I knit from the top of he sweater, in the round, to the bottom. I have mixed preferences on this style of knitting but one of the more favourable aspects is the fact I can try it on as I knit, although this doesn’t seem to calm my mind that my sweater may be too small. I wanted a neat fit but now a lot of  patterns are for over sized garments. I have joined in with embracing over sized with the project on my needles at the moment. Not quite over sized to swamp me but a cosy wrap around me and my multiple layers of clothes style to keep me warm as I seem to be feeling the cold a lot recently. 



I have added a photo of the sweater in progress. It is no longer looking like this as it is laid out flat drying after the knitwear-spa. More to the point of this blog; the needles - I was looking for all the needles I had in the size I knit this sweater. This enabled me to keep the stitches live and then when I was happy with the length/fit I could work transition rows to bind off with a sewn tubular method as I like the finish this gives to the cuffs and body. Needles cases are larger than normal in this house......  

I have uploaded photos of my needles and by no means is this to show off or to even think that everyone needs the amount of needles I have! Knitting in the round has benefits but also adds to my needle stock as I need the tip size/length then I need a cable in the correct length to hold my stitches while keeping the tension. I have a set or two of interchangeable needles but these are not my first choice as I feel more secure with the tips are on the actual cable without me hoping I have twisted them for a solid connection. This is a good choice for those who can knit with the magic loop method as they can use the supplied cables to knit a lot more projects than I can with the needles I choose to buy.



Anyone would think with the boxes I have that I have covered all scenarios but I always seem to need a size or cable length I don’t have. I used to buy KnitPro Karbonz which I loved at the time but when I discovered ChiaoGoo red lace needles, I think you can see which ones I prefer. I like the Addi gold ones especially their 30cm cables although I haven’t knit a full garment with them I have a few longer cables. The tips aren’t as fine as the ChiaoGoo. I have kept my Karbonz although haven’t knit with them for a long time. I know that they may be needed to achieve gauge at some stage and did serve me well when I hadn’t knit with ChiaoGoo.

I was keen to see if the Lykke needles I kept reading about in US blogs would ever arrive here as they would let me try wooden needles again especially when my hands start to feel aches and pains. They were aesthetically pleasing but with import duties I just looked! They can be purchased in the UK now and I have ordered a few tips and cables to try the needles although I will not be replacing my ChiaoGoo needles, I have one major project to knit and I would like to see if my cable knitting would be smooth on the Lykke needles. I will be thorough with my testing as I was a bit disappointed to see what I thought were Norwegian made needles are actual made by KnitPro. This has placed doubt in my mind but I decided to try as I know different needles can produce different results. I haven’t knit with wooden needles for a long time. My project will be a considerable investment in wool and time which places importance on the needles I will use. In my heart I feel it will be my ChiaoGoos.


I may be seen as over the top with fussiness but to me the correct tools are vital to the my projects as a whole. I have always been taught to use the best tools/pens when all the time to knit and how many hours I will have the needles in my hands. Thankfully dad’s sweater, my oversized cardigan and the long term project I will be knitting are all knit flat. I know this method isn’t the favoured one in the knitting community but at least I don’t have to worry if I have the correct length of cable apart from one which I can knit back and forth with.



The mistakes I made and just don’t knit with are the KnitPro Nova and Zing. I just didn’t like knitting with these and would happily pass them along to a knitter in need.

Last year I was experiencing regret with the random skeins of yarn I had purchased without a specific project in mind. I know part of this was a learning process as it helped me to find wool that I love knitting with and look forward to knitting with in future. I still have a few skeins which I have to find a good home for but most knitters I know have stashes as the amount of dyers, types of yarn is available worldwide now. I truly would love to find someone who would make use of the skeins. I don’t feel this temptation now as I learned from the feeling of having too many skeins stashed without any plans. It’s fine to have stash but for wool I love and know I will knit with.


If daylight appears this week I should have Bellis as a completed project. I have to come to terms with being in the photo wearing it or just the sweater. After my last blog I went back to knitting feeling more ease, without the pressures of being in everything. Knitting with a few like minded friends has added more joy with a journey to choosing our colours and patterns and hopefully progress with knitting that takes longer but we love this aspect. Normally I would be wishing I was going to EYF but I have invested in wool for the knitting I will be doing over the next months. I have wool for Knitworthy type projects and I definitely do not want to buy random skeins. I would love to see the wool I can’t find online but in reality there are so many people there I wouldn’t be able to find it for hiding myself! If there was a corner for buttons and haberdashery, well I would really love that as this is an area I feel to actually see the ribbons, buttons, thread would be temptation I couldn’t resist but I would make sure I knew what I needed first. I know I will see EYF via social media photos with friends going and the way my leg is I wouldn’t get too far anyway.


To sum this up if anyone has got this far. My needles have become essential, they are a library I don’t hide. I have kept to my not adding to stash but if I need a needle, I will add the size. I didn’t have any needles larger than 5mm which meant I had to buy a few larger gauge for my cardigan. I was t sure if I would like them but I still couldn’t buy basic so I added ChiaoGoo. I have only started to knit with them and thought my stitches would be really loose but I seem to hold a grip on the needles and have a tighter tension than I thought. It’s all a learning curve and I am on the curve and willing to learn.



Dad’s sleeves are ongoing, a long.........truffle hunt.......I wouldn’t be truthful if I said I was dedicated and loved row upon row of knit/purl with no cables to add interest. I couldn’t resist casting on Shelter in Camper, a bright spot in my evening after toiling all day my own knitting comes out and I play! I make sure dad is in his room reading ;) knitting shelter held double is strange but it’s completely different for me and I will enjoy hibernating in a double worsted weight cardigan knit with poker sized needles. Who knows what will be next on the chunky theme of this works out. The colour and the design were completely inspired from a friend who has knit the cardigan and her work looked so beautiful in the photos when she completed her project. I was so happy when I asked if I could knit the same cardigan in the same colour. This is how friendships across the world make being online and part of a knitting community, invaluable. I really appreciate my friends and their generosity shown in so many ways.

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