New Year 2018 Being thankful

An appropriate day to publish a blog post to share my thoughts and send our thanks to everyone who has followed our blog from the outset and welcome visitors who have really encouraged me throughout 2017. Happy New Year are words we all say today but I would like to add a big thank you especially for messages and understanding of my feelings and the times I couldn't be online.

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Our blog started out when we were out and about more and our focus was sharing our corner of the world. Whilst nature and our love of photography is still high on our list and I trust I will intersperse any adventures we have via the blog in 2018. I took the liberty to share my love of crafts, specifically knitting and didn't realise the impact this would have and how much effect knitting has on the way I feel and how I cope with other areas of my life. My last blog fishiness the year with a lovely comment from a silent reader which warmed my heart as everyone who visits, silent or vocal are the reason I feel inspired to type a new post. 

I have experienced how it feels to be on the receiving end of a season of gift giving. I have been so overwhelmed with messages, cards, letters and thoughtful gifts that I struggled to know how I could express how much everything and everyone means to me. I wasn't sure if I should add the photos to Instagram as I couldn't possibly add the messages I received via my blog, Ravelry and Instagram. I didn't want to leave anyone out and I didn't want anyone to think I was asking for gifts! I have given a lot of thought to my blog post for today, aside to my usual deep thinking and I trust that the collage of photos will share the love I felt when unexpected parcels arrived in the post from across the world and within the UK. I couldn't just hide these gifts, yet I didn't want this to seem like the YouTube/blogger generation 'what I got for Christmas' type post. I decided I wouldn't add names as I truly appreciate the kind comments made on social media and how I felt becoming part of a creative community. A community I always felt I wasn't good enough to consider myself part of. I don't think my filing words could express the depth of my thanks but nothing is more important to me than that of giving thanks.

Thoughtful : carefully chosen : hand made : days to open : Overwhelmed!

I created a collage as I didn't want to keep hidden the talents of my friends. Gifts carefully chosen which expressed to me how well friends who I haven't met really know me. Hand made gifts of incredible detail. The project bag, the sheep pillowcases, the hand spun Shetland 2ply lace weight in all the natural colours, hand made soap, a calendar with a photo for each month taken by my friend. Gifts selected to indulge as I know I wouldn't have bough the luxuries for myself. It has taken me days to open each gift as I couldn't just rip paper open. I still have cards and letters to read in full and one card to open as it had a luxury red wax seal on it and I don't want to break the seal! With any gifts I would keep them wrapped up, anticipating what could be in there but with all of these gifts and feeling unwell I wanted to take time and appreciate each one. I know this may seem odd but it really is how I feel and how much I was overwhelmed by all of this. The little sheep on my plate, isn't the lost sheep as a dear friend found him and posted him to me! I will treasure this little sheep and oh how we all love sheep. Counting sheep to get to sleep - they are on my pillowcases (hand made) the lace edging hides little bees - B for bees or for Beverley and how did my friend know my duvet cover has a few bees scattered across it! I wouldn't sleep on these beautiful cases but they are the perfect size for my day pillow covers. I have just placed one on my pillow today the first day of this year. Project bag with luxurious carpet bag thickness material (the colours look so good set beside dad's Truffle hunt sweater...but the bag doesn't suit him ;) The shawl pin of utter luxury, the buttons to embellish a future project and how did I feel when I discovered a mitten kit inside a box? Knit like a Latvian with a printed chart and pattern, the wool to knit - something for me to really look forward to if only I could keep the box open as I keep having an opening ceremony! Hand made soap, lavender to relax - I hope everyone will see why I have taken so long to open my gifts and why I struggled to know how to share as I couldn't share the heartfelt messages, comments and hearts on my projects but everything is included even though some cannot be captured on camera. I have captured everything in my heart! A lady sent me a message via Instagram which really brought into reality that people who add hearts go a step further and this lady has gone more than the second mile - amazing!

This is a longer blog than I thought but to condense my emotions and gratefulness, just wasn't possible. I hope you are still reading as I have some more words to add and will close with a few project ideas I have added and it is only 1st January. I have made friends this year which fills my heart with joy as I didn't think anyone would understand the way I think and do things. Friends are precious even if miles keep us apart. My family, although we are a very small family have been supportive to me and they have been more than generous with thoughtful gifts and a huge help for the Sweater Quantities of wool I will need for the patterns I have on my list. I am purchasing two of the patterns today and I have no doubt there will be at least one project from Brooklyn Tweed's Winter collection, due to be released next week - 10th January. I share the excitement with a friend who has shared the ups and downs of both our lives over the past months. I have wool ready and waiting for a sweater from a new designer but first I will finish several knitworthy friend projects and I don't think anyone will mind if I spend a bit more time on dad's sweater. His was set aside to let me knit for friends but last night whilst trying to keep my eyes open I knit in bed when dad was in another room as I really want dad to have his sweater soon. He has been with me and helping me especially as I was so worried about my cold, numb leg. I can cope with my fingers being so cold, despite the hindrance to my knitting but my leg has been holding me back more. I think I need to knit warm tights! Hopefully this will go away when the weather warms up. 

I am knitting from Ysolda's Knitworthy 4 for friends who I ventured to ask after being inspired by how I felt receiving hand made gifts. To knit for friends who are expert knitters is a dating task but just like the label I placed on my sister's gift - if you don't like it I can exchange it to something you do like - full of confidence ;) hopefully this year my confidence will grow and I will have a collection knit to send as gifts. I have worn all of my knitworthy gifts and the recent cowl is worn everyday. I have just finished a red one........I loved the colour so much there is a SQ waiting for when I purchase the pattern and print it out. Well I will finish my gifts, keep working on dad's. After this bit of time for a personal project before setting my knitworthy goals if friends still would like knitted gifts. 


ultimate gift message!

I think I get the message - thanks dad!

This has been a lengthy blog, thank you for reading even a few words. Most of all I trust that the blog photos will show how talented my friends are and why I am still on the learning curve but any gifts I will knit or have knit have come from my heart. I really enjoy giving and receiving gifts messages, hearts and comments really made me feel I was dreaming. I still haven't wakened up, last night was last year - time flies! Thank you seems inadequate 

Beverley x

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