Book leaves

Autumn leaves, book leaves, a book called Forty Autumns - inspiration for my blog today.

Library room - can you feel and see the difference?

Dad had watched a local TV program which featured a recently refurbished house, built circa 1890 by a Scottish man who had arrived here with his family. The house which I didn't take a photo off but will the next time we visit has been recently re-opened as one of our Northern Ireland libraries on the Lisburn Road. We frequent this road as it has many exclusive shops and health related centres. It holds a charm which is often lost in the city of Belfast where there are many chain stores which are not an attraction to either of us.

The library board has ensured the character of the original house has been preserved and we experienced the charm of this last night when dad surprised me with a visit to the library as both of us love books and could enjoy this together. A little different from me knitting in my room while dad reads or gardens. I didn't realise until we stepped inside how different this library would be. I want to go back as the old tiles in the entrance hall were terracotta with turquoise sections, my tired eyes, saw colours for a knitting project but I didn't have any hands free to take a photo.

sit inside, peek outside

There were parts of the house which required attention for safety but the stable block has been restored and the car park was the courtyard. There was a little dog waiting for his owner outside who enjoyed a chat from dad but then turned his head to concentrate on his owner’s return! 

There are lots of setting areas for groups or varying sizes and so many reading nooks, we really could go back and sit in comfort to read without distraction although they have wifi too. Maybe I could take my new iPad, when I buy it and go there to write more. The seats and ambience all lend to the experience. This isn’t a typical library and both of plan to support it as we know only too well how many closures are threatened to all libraries. We support several which are covered by our tickets and have now added this one to our list. 

browse, pause, sit, share

The unexpected features, a feast for my mind and eyes! Old stone from the original house, circa 1890. I long to go back as these fascinated me and I know if one of my favourite photo sharing communities was back online these would have been a feature of my OKDOTHIS photo stream. I thought about my friends there when I discovered this room.

Our visit wasn’t complete without selecting some books. I have taken a photo of the ones I  chose which cover three interests of mine. Dad’s were different, of course but we had a heavy armful to take back home. I know several of my Ravelry friends are very interested in books and at least one of them enjoys similar books to both dad and myself. I have been listening to audiobooks while I knit but will work out how to knit and turn pages as these new books are calling for my time too.

IMG_3344 (1).jpg

turning leaf by leaf before returning

I took the photos with my iPhone as a blog popped into my mind as we walked about from room to room, exploring what was behind each of the doors. Wood, stone, chairs, lamps, tables, old features, a library, a night to remember. A return visit, yes please!

Right place Right time

Autumn warmth