Handful of chestnuts

To start my blog, please let me take you to a forest park, where we experienced a day we will never forget. I left home, my mind laden, feeling the pressures of stress and physical ill health but as soon as I listened to the sounds of the forest, clarity reigned and I didn't even try to count my footsteps. As Pip exclaimed in Great Expectations 'it plaited itself into whatever I thought of' the wealth of the forest did the same to me.

handful of chestnuts

I feel I have the freedom on our blog to express and share a little more of our lives and how things effect me in different ways. I often feel drowned in the social activities which are such a big part or our lives today. I love sharing my knitting but then feel the stress associated with likes or going over the top to take photos of a pair of mitts! I was worried about this but after being with dad yesterday my heart soared to my blog as it occurred to me that dad was enjoying this part of my craft work as he contemplates the location and angles of each shot. This means so much to me as he wasn't just out feeling bored or that he could be doing something else. The fact dad is active and he has combined a shoot with our walks is worth more than likes or no likes, as often is the case. Both of us enjoyed our much longed for walk in the forest and we hope you will see why. Photos or words could never express just how my mind was lifted and how much we long to go back for a longer walk, with a promised cup of coffee in the little village with just one street! Crawfordsburn country park with the village lined with little white houses and an old inn. There is a little house with 'craft shop' above the door. I will be calling in next time.


Letting go, is important. Caring for friends means so much to me and I was thinking about one of my friends who experiences the same emotional release, only found in the sights and sounds of the forest. I sat and looked at this photo and realised how much joy I feel now I have started to wear my knitted garments and accessories. Dad has had a big part to play in this as he is encouraging me, no matter how I feel about 'saving' for special days or I can wear something old! We were actually only taking photos of the fingerless mitts but I am wearing a cable sweater I knit several years ago and perhaps have only worn once or twice. I have my Rams and Yowes hat on, styled as a beanie now as I prefer to wear my hats like this. It is a Kate Davies design. I knit the tam and then the blanket but to date they were in the 'keep for display, don't wear' I have only just finished the mitts, part of Ysolda's knit worthy 4 patterns. I will be wearing them more often, especially in autumn as they keep most of my hands and arms warm, yet give me the freedom to take photos (an important part of our blog)

Just amble along the photos, after these were taken we wandered along, and soon to follow was the draw into nature, with fungi peeking out, forest paths closed due to erosion but thoughtful conservation has given us more bridges to cross. We will cross those bridges with our next visit as the scene has been set and we are longing to go back.

fence post

How I would feel sharing these shots, no longer mattered as we both felt relaxed. I love to keep my projects as reminders and I appreciate how ladies from revelry have sent me messages of encouragement to help me overcome my serious confidence issues. Mix my knitting with my love of nature and the secret ingredient that dad enjoys this part, does this make sense? I am not showing off I am learning to cope and I am thankful to those friends who understand me most.

mush rooms 

Pop out the photos to see dad studying those jelly ear (Auricularia auricula-judae) fungi also known as Wood ear. Bracket fungi all around in the various colours, some established over many years yet others have just started on the fallen stumps we had to walk around. I found a few porcelain but we were not allowed along the home we found them in last year. The path has suffered erosion and despite dad's sense of adventure, this time we obeyed the notice 'to use an alternative route' something we didn't do last week but I survived although at one stage I really thought we would have fallen and lay on the ground until someone found us......yes, it really was that scary! 


The carvings are new to the forest park. They are tastefully done and there are many more than we had time to take photos off. They flow with the natural shape of the trees and spark a note of delight when one pops up out of the leaves. The trees are starting to change but both of us will throughly enjoy this forest when it is all golden and we slip and slide along the mud to reach our destination. We hope you enjoy the snapshots which were a side step to our main focus yesterday. 

a solitary moment

The unspoken calm with resolutions to problems, you cannot see

I best stop typing before I reveal too many things, suffice to say when I got home there was answers to several worries waiting for me. I have catching up to do with friends but they require special time as I don't want to hurry my care to anyone. I leave you with the words that have finished my recent blogs..... impressions, of yesterday left, in our eyes

Hat ahoy

Branching out