Autumn treasures

Red alert

Today I have gathered photos we have taken towards the end of August, to share on our blog at the beginning of my favourite season, autumn. They are mainly iPhone photos as our walks were short as I haven't been able to go much further and this last few days, I haven't gone out at all as I seem to have found a sickness bug, flying around. 

I am keen to explore more, in forests and parks as setting aside pressures from social media there is an unspoken calm, when I walk amongst the trees. Look at what I found when I looked down beneath the trees. A childhood memory of the fairy houses....surely they still live here and have sprung up, just before autumn knocked on our door. Red, a colour to warn, warm and love.

Textures, shades of cream in the midst of green. A puffball all spiky amongst the dead leaves, this is the gateway to take us off the path and get my boots muddy and I even ripped my trousers on a braid which got in my way, but yet there again was the unspoken calm.

Dad took his camera but mine took dad!

I will step aside from the richness of calm which I so much needed and still do, to share what dad calls tidying up and making sure the apples weren't left to rot. Suffice to say I was stewing apples for the freezer to remind dad how he recused them from rotting on the ground. Location is a it any wonder I have to knit and make sure it is our garden dad 'tidies' most of the time? The glint in his eyes, tell a story!

I couldn't end on this note but I have another little garden guest to share, he is preparing for another season as his breast is only just appearing, it is orange and speckled right now. How long will it be, until we see a little robin Red breast, hopping along to enjoy what dad digs up from our garden soil? I started the blog with red and robin will soon bring red to the scene, just outside my window.

Will I have red feathers soon?

Impressions - of yesterday left - in my eyes

Autumn warmth

Timely end