Ripple effect

A blog post to help explain my time offline and also to remember a very special day as 23rd August would have been mum's birthday. I don't want to dwell on this as all of us have family and friends we miss. Set dates emphasise their loss to us. Thankfully I have dad and both of us 'coped' by surrounding ourselves with the beauty of nature. Sometimes chatting, sometimes silence and in my case a rose collected my tears. It is this rose I want to share with you today and trust you will feel the ripple effect in the circumstances personified in a single rose. 

ripples and drops

It was the only one left as the others had gone over. I saw it at the end of our walk, my camera was still in my bag but I had to stop and memories came flooding back. The beauty of the rose, collecting the raindrops which had soaked us. I didn't have my marco lens to focus on the drops but I hope with an observing eye you will see how this rose collected the drops. Scaled down photos for a blog loose the drops which had a deeper meaning to me.

nature's paint box

Just one more as I knew by the next day, the rain may have washed more petals away. Years pass by but nothing can ruin, the beauty of a memory when we belong to a family with a mum who made everything so much better.


I am only adding this photo dad took of me, disheveled and weary, nothing matching but who would I be without a caring father to share a week when so many things brought me down?


capturing the ripple effect

I will have a fun blog next as both of us have been walking away the pressures I was feeling with many things. We have found some gems which need a separate blog as the glint or the guilt in along came dad's eyes show how much dad makes me smile! 


Timely end

Timeless classic