Timeless classic

Our temperamental weather has a part to play in another blog post without butterfly wings, although we can see them on the buddleia in between the showers. We went for an evening walk with out cameras but it was colder than I thought, so it was home again rather hastily to wrap myself up in my dressing gown and duvet! 

silver and gold

I have another project to share before I slow down as I only have one project waiting to be finished and a saga about the another cast on which is now in the frog pond! I have replaced this with another project with fine wool and needles but this will take time before I can share it. These photos of another Helga Isager design, called Ivory almost didn't happen at all. I can thank a lady on Ravelry who I don't know at all for a message she sent me just as I hit a huge drop in confidence, much worse than I have ever had before. I was dressed and ready but the struggle was too much and I ent back to my room to stay there but when I read my mail the comment the lady had made resulted in the photo shoot I am sharing today. I couldn’t believe it this morning when I received another positive and encouraging message via my projects and notes, from another lady on Ravelry. Isn't it amazing how much comments can change how we feel and how neither of these ladies knew I struggled so much last week. It is with my sincere thanks to both of these ladies that I have photos and a blog to share today.


back turn

This is another design which I consider a classic addition to my wardrobe, with the neat, tailored fit I have strived for over the years and have found in Helga's designs. The top was really comfortable and could be dressed up a little but it still looked fine with a more casual style. The trim of grey mohair added depth to the cuffs and the neck. I knew I was comfortable as I didn't wasn't to take it off to make dad's dinner! A few photos to scroll along as our photo shoot started to make me feel more relaxed.

I have been on a journey this with wool and projects discovering things about myself and the emotions I use when I knit. I didn't realise I was quite so complex but with the ongoing help from dad I am getting through a not so good time. I thought my knitting was all about colour choices but now I know my preferences for wool and different patterns have a part to play in how I feel. I needed time this week to refocus my mind as there was too much going on but last night after discovering the project I was trying to knit to use stash wool just wasn't me! It was humongous when I tired the top-down sweater on, when I reached the division for the body and sleeves. I just don't look right in an over sized or baggy style knitwear and now dad sees it's ok for me to wear a skirt for the photos to show the fine knitting as long as I wear thick tights and boots! I might just have found a little dress I have longed for, if only I had a working sewing machine and took lessons in dressmaking. The shop I buy from in France has added a dress with a Peter Pan collar to their autumn selection and it may just be in my shopping basket soon. Off course I will need a cardigan or two as I need something to wear to share the photos with you. 





I love skirts and dresses but I would need extra heat to wear them more often. We often use the tag line in knitting that ‘resistance is futile’ when we are buying wool, although I have to add I have learned to resist as I couldn't cope any longer with odd skeins in a stash. Resistance will prove futile if I order the dress as i have started the first cardigan to wear with it and have another one twinkling in my eye.....I will be wearing boots and ski trousers for our autumn not walks to see if we can find more porcelain fungi and all that we love about our Autumn walks! The leaves will be changing colours, my mind is grasping to the scene of red, gold and yellow leaves falling from the trees. We will remember to take our cameras and share whatever we find........











Does anyone else sit like this to relax? 

Final note: with the help of dad, the frog pond has been cleaned this morning. The wool survived and I can now look for a new project to use the wool. It took us approx 1hr to shift those frogs as the top had a lot of short row shaping before I was able to try it on and discover the size was way too wide…..dad had suspected this but as usual I thought it would fit. The sense of relief now my wool is back without any loss makes me feel better and also appreciate the quality of the wool I had used. I can see by the length of this blog, the ladies on Ravelry brought me back to reality!


Ripple effect

The finish line