Time out

I don't have a lot of photos to share on this blog post but after a few weeks feeling pressure with social media, I had to take an offline break. The realisation of how much pressure I felt under when 'likes' became like a fail mark on an exam paper began to make me doubt my creative mind and any skills I had. Suffice to say, everything races by, leaving someone like me who is sensitive to how people react to shared projects counting more fails than passes. A digital detox was vital, even if just for a short time and the highlight of this weekend was a last minute decision to go out for a walk in a small forest park, a short drive from home.

The calm of nature hit my senses as we stepped into the forest, the birds were singing, the sun was beaming through the trees. We didn't rush (I couldn't rush!) People passed by with a friendly smile, an exchange or words, no judging me but how I looked and I can tell you I didn't look good. I had grabbed the first pair of jeans I found in my wardrobe only to discover they were big and baggy, but no-one cared. We saw several butterflies on the wing, too fast and fleeting for any photos but to have the visual experience was enough to calm my mind. We searched our memories for all those names of butterflies, bees, insects which we knew off by heart when we took more time to be out with our cameras. We both miss those days but if the weather is kind we will be back to exploring and recording our finds.

On our way back, before the nightmare gradient out of the forest, eagle eyed dad spotted a dragonfly. This is fun to recall as I saw the one he didn't see and he thought I was looking at the one he found! We suddenly realised there was two hiding, off course they were in the most awkward place and became very difficult to photograph. I have added one photo of our find as our starting place to remind me of the importance of 'taking time out' 


Stop, look, stare..... captivated


I have to mention, our walk wasn't knitting free as dad soon found our more relaxed chat involved planning my next project and subsequent selecting of the wool I need! To end our walk we had the hill to face, I was pulled along the incline with help from dad as my legs were like jelly as I tired to kept breathing! I imagined the couple behind us were thinking I was a shameful disgrace as it wasn't exactly Mount Everest, a mere gradient but steep when you have expended all your resources. It occurred to me that there was a difference about what I thought people saw or said to the reality of my misjudgment in real life, they didn't think I was a failure or a shameful weakling as they joined in to say that they were finding the hill tough but just kept thinking of the joy they discovered while walking their dog in the forest. To all of our shame, the dog ambled along possibly wondering what on Earth these people were puffing and groaning about! We had a lovely conversation about nature and how much pleasure we had away from news, shops, rush and all the chaos we are in today. All isn't lost as this time out has refreshed my mind although the pressures of social media need to be kept in check but thanks to a very dear friend who knew how to support me through a time like this and thoughtful, encouraging comments left on a post I will keep focus on enjoying my hobbies with the understanding that it is OK to take time out.

Thank you for reading this blog today which wouldn't be the same without a sneaky photo of dad!



What is life, if full of care, we have no time to stop and stare?

From where I stand

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