Mittens in time

It has been a while from I have posted a blog as we haven’t been out with our cameras or even attended the annual craft event at Castle Ward this year. I know my friends understand why we have been at home but thankfully I have had Knitworthy small projects to keep me busy.

Mīlēt mittens in time for winter 

I signed up to Ysolda’s Knitworthy 4 which is an annual collection of patterns issued every fortnight, starting in August; to help with gift knitting for friends and family who understand the time and skills involved in hand knit items. This was my first year to subscribe to receive a surprise pattern over the months. I didn’t expect to knit as many of the patterns and to date I only have one pattern I didn’t start Estimar the cabled cowl, as it was released at the same time I promised to knit dad his cable sweater. I will have the opportunity to knit this in the future if I feel it is suitable for myself or for a gift.

The collection was the perfect prescription for me as I had to set aside larger sized projects but having something to keep my mind in tune and experimenting with different wool has given me access to new yarn and learning to use different techniques. I have knit one or two as gifts but sadly I cannot knit all of my gifts in time. I loved the patterns so much that I would be very happy to knit gifts and as we all know slow fashion and hand knits are for those who understand. The idea behind the collection has shown me that in today’s society there is too much buy cheap, give away or worse, throw away fashion. Dad sees how many tools (many needles, spa etc) I have and the process of knitting from start to finish and appreciates that a hand knit is a valuable treasure which people wouldn't pay the true cost for aside from the wool/tools needed to knit an item. I know I am a perfectionist but to me this is all important for personal projects and for gifts. I love to give and would hope that my knitting would be acceptable as heartfelt gifts as this would mean more than any monetary value or the perceived value placed on gift buying at this time of year. To knit for dad is something that he can never repay me for and this makes me feel very happy as dad more than deserves something he cannot buy or do himself, apart from winding his yarn cakes!

Today I am sharing Mīlēt the penultimate pattern for a pair of mittens. The pattern was released when I was tucked up in bed but the mittens were a dream come true. I had be longing for mittens but never thought there would be a design which would capture my heart and send me to Ysolda’s site to order the wool without hesitation. I had to adjust the size for my hands but apart from that the mittens used different techniques which brought together elements of Norwegian, Estonian and Latvian traditional mitten styles to create my dream mittens with a double lined cuff to keep my hands warm this winter.

Ready to wear

Classic colours will find a matching outfit in a classic wardrobe, clothes purchased several years ago can be accessorised with new mittens, without the need to keep buying new clothes. French clothes with Norwegian, Estonian and Latvian style mittens.

Gone shopping

I have one more surprise pattern to receive today 4th December before the collection is complete and the patterns will then be available to buy individually. Elska the beanie was the first pattern that attracted me to purchase the subscription and little did I know I would keep on knitting and how much the projects have helped me over recent times. I would highly recommend subscribing to receive the collection or purchase one or two patterns when they are available 11th December 2017 from Ysolda's site.

Selection box

Autumn in stitches