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Leafless yet clothed in snow. Tranquility of nature when the snow falls, silently

Leafless yet clothed in snow. Tranquility of nature when the snow falls, silently

I thought I would set aside some much needed catch up time for our blog today. December is racing by and I for one cannot keep up with the commercial pace and added stress as we approach Christmas day. The snow arrived in Northern Ireland a week or two, too early but with my December section box I thought I would share a snowy scene which was about the only photos I managed to take before my hands gave up and shouted that they needed ski gloves on to keep them warm and active. 

Along came dad

Along came dad

The weekend we visited a Christmas craft fair had the perfect setting with snow all around, sadly the gift shopping wasn't as expected but has prompted me to think more about my knitting and planning to knit more gifts. I have received some most unexpected surprises in the post, they remain unopened but one thing I know is they have been hand made especially for me and a few for dad! The warmth and tears that I experienced when this large parcel arrived from far shores made me think about how I view my knitting but how others may feel if I knit something special rather than all of the commercial gift boxes. This lady will never know how much her generosity and the sweetly wrapped parcels mean to both of us and how this has made me much more aware that gifts from the heart are true gifts to share. I haven't opened any of the ribbons and bows but just looking at the parcels has made me very emotional!

I made a little slideshow of the knitting projects from Ysolda's Knitworthy 4 collection this year. There is only one pattern I haven't knit yet, but others I have knit two or three times. Dad encourages me and there are people on social media who have really helped me through recent times when I shared my projects. After receiving hand made gifts and feeling overwhelmed with the kindness that jumped out of the parcel, I am planning on keeping projects like this to knit as gifts even for friends who can knit. I learned a lot of techniques when completing each one and best of all I have started to realise that friends may be happy if they open a parcel and there is something inside which was knit especially for them.


coffee break

I have been mainly at home as I still need to feel better but dad arranged a treat a few weeks ago. We even had time to have coffee and a wee chat. I couldn't leave 2017 without adding another photo of who everyone knows as Beverley's think my friend in the USA thought about dad and included dad in her amazing gifts.

Carefully wrapped, still to open. Thankful beyond measure

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Just dad!

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