Autumn in stitches

I won't be typing too many words today as my energy resources have been depleted. I wanted to share the colours of autumn from my recent knitting project, before the signs of autumn leave us as we notice winter creeping in. A new season, different colours and a change of scene. The photos I am sharing are of Galloway. A pattern by Jared Flood which I knit with the skeins of Shelter I had won during the year. I was challenged to use colours which were new to my wardrobe but with the inspiring colours of autumn, I feel I made the right choice.

Fauna : Nest : Woodsmoke : Embers : Galloway cardigan 

I am still not feeling well but dad was keen to take photos of two of my projects, one of which I am sharing today as it was the most challenging and was part of Brooklyn Tweed's Fall KAL. I didn't finish before the deadline but was privileged to have my work in progress featured on Brooklyn Tweed's blog. This boosted me to try and find the concentration I have been lacking and start to pick up over 300 stitches to knit the bands of my cardigan. Grafting all of these using kitchener stitch, tested my nerves to the limit! I took a while finishing this cardigan as to me this is a very important part of knitting. This was the one I knit in the round and cut a steek to create the cardigan sides, then picked up the full length each side to knit the bands. 

fallen leaves, rippling river

I will add a little gallery for you to swipe along as our photos will tell the story of the day dad brought me along. The day was bright but very cold but dad pulled me along to the Old Inn to sit by a fire and defrost my bones, with a cup of coffee for internal heat. I hope the photos will bring the warmth across to each one of you. Thank you for understanding my times offline recently.


My new iPhone X arrived and remained in the box for several days before I could even think about setting it up. Happy to say, it is set up now and with a few test portrait shots of dad, it definitely isn't going back. 


Mittens in time