2017: Take note

A new year has dawned, it is 2017! The last few weeks have been a blur and any plans we had to be out with our cameras soon faded and a New Year's day walk is now out of the question as the bug that arrived with dad just before Christmas decided it preferred to transfer to me and has virtually wiped me off my feet. I have got out of bed to take a photo for our blog at the start of the new year but it isn't a scene, a walk, a flower or anything close to our natural world.

Tabbed and ready for project notes

Tabbed and ready for project notes

Despite technology I still keep handwritten notes and agenda. I need spiral notebooks to open flat.  I need pens in several colours for marking rows and changes as I knit through my patterns. I need lists to remind me and stickers to highlight. I need tabbed sections to keep projects separate, in fact I have more notebooks than I have added to this photograph. I use normal pens but when it comes to writing my diary or a note to a friend I hark back to a fountain pen, making writing enjoyable and creating a note written with care. Appropriately my new schedule book was clearly issued for me as it is monogrammed with 'Busy B' how could I resist? 

Dad wanted me to show my notebooks from last year with all the notes, ticks and crosses to show how methodically I keep notes as I knit. Dad has stocked me with all of the new books and is making a point (no pun intended) to add more colours to my pens and add some files with pockets for the print outs of my patterns. 

The song 'I wish it could be Christmas everyday' seems to be relevant to our house this year as I am still opening presents due to the fact I haven't been out of bed long enough to enjoy my gifts and I don't like opening gifts carefully selected by friends when I feel I am exhausted or completely out of breath. My emotions run wild when I open a gift carefully selected by friends some of whom I have never actually met. I was gifted patterns from the great Ravelry library online, a touching surprise and one which I will treasure and remember the lady when I knit the projects. Another lady knit me wrist warmers, oh how she cared when she knit them my size and made sure she knit in the softest wool. They are perfect and they showed me what it was like to receive a knitted gift as this has never happened to me before. I know the time the lady must taken and her choice of design was a touch to fill me with tears as this lady showed how much she cared. I was sent an advent calendar to visit everyday and have all sorts of creativity to make a scene, this was perfect or me and I think I made the jigsaws twice each Day!

I have been able to use, but not write in another notebook sent to me by another good friend. This is one of a set and I don't think I could write in any of them but today I knew exactly how I would stage the photo of my first project of this new year. I had bought the wool to knit a hat in Brioche stitch (a new one for me) the hat appealed more when the booklet I found the pattern in quoted the old folk song of Mr fox. I will quote an excerpt but trust you will find the rest of the song mentioned online. 

'The fox went out on a chilly night,

he prayed to the Moon to give him light, 

for he'd many a mile to go that night' 

Brioche stitch hat with Mr fox 

Brioche stitch hat with Mr fox 

My hat uses Fox as the main colour and I think you will see how perfect this notebook was for me! 

I am still feeling very unwell so there was no walk for us today and we will have to set aside plans until I feel a lot better. I am knitting a cable sweaterfor dad and when this gets too much I take time for comfort knitting to knit my hat.  I didn't expect to feel unwell for so long. I am sorry we don't have proper photos to share at the start of this year. I have my cable sweater finished and dad is keen to take photos if only I would dress properly to pose! I will get my own back when the model will be dad as I can take my time while he poses to get the right shot.

We both hope all those who follow our blog will understand how sickness can get in the way of things we normally do. I hope this year we can continue our friendships and always remember to be the one who cares

Thank you for reading 


Friday Fox

One fair Isle