Endless Rainbow

I didn't anticipate writing this post today but as I have just completed the last project in one of the KALs I took part in during the last few months on Ravelry I felt I needed to express my feelings and trust this post will help others to understand why I have disappeared of the radar recently. I wasn't even going to type it on our blog as it is a little more personal than the theme of the blog when both of us set off on adventures. I have promised to upload photos of the butterflies, damselflies and perhaps even a dragonfly just like I did last year. This year our times out have been somewhat different and infrequent. Circumstances for me have changed quite a lot which mean I just can't be out enjoying the days like we did last year.

Endless Rainbow

The project I will feature today holds a significance to things which I am going through. After a few days of endless tears how could I hide a design by Martina Behm 'Endless Rainbow'  We often look for the rainbow after days of rain, well the photos for this were taken after days of tears. Only for dad and his constant support, the shots wouldn't have been taken as all I wanted to do was hide. It wasn't one of our fun filled shoots as despite the rainbow I wasn't feeling too good. I criticised my knitting but dad's patience in taking shots when he could showed me the rainbow my tears wouldn't let me see before. I would love to have been enjoying the shoot like the ones we did which I have shared on the blog (again I felt guilty taking up the blog with knitting projects) I also completed Martina's Knitters' DNA with a Helix knit to the side of the scarf.

I wore my rainbow Saltwater sandals and the photographer forgot to include them apart from one photo were I was perched awkwardly on a branch!

The missing sandals

Throughout the KALs especially the one Jen hosted in her Ravelry group, I indulged in colours through my choice of yarn. I flew my kite of creativity even if it doesn't fly too high, it kept me together and has taught me more about a passion I have for colours and design. I have a few orders of wool to open but just at the moment I don't feel I deserve to indulge in the excitement I feel when I discover if the colours I have chosen online fulfil my dreams and can be worked into another design. Perhaps when upload this blog I will feel I can open my orders and relax a bit more. To keep me motivated and knitting I am knitting another Endless rainbow for my sister. The vibrant yarn is a happy yarn to knit with which is exactly what I need after the last few weeks.

Whenever I see a rainbow

Today I received the most amazing book from a lady who I know reads our blog and is part of the Ravelry groups. It was tears of joy as the book is a huge hardback although the title shouldn't apply to me 'The Knowledgeable Knitter' by Margaret Radcliffe. An amazing book and one which I will thoroughly enjoy especially just now when I have to sit down more than I would like to. As an added touch my friend sent a dinky little ball of wool! I have never seen such a cute ball but I will treasure it and all the friends who have supported me with messages and understanding.

From The Book of Haps I completed two Shore Haps, a Theme and Variation and Montbretia. I plan to knit another Theme and Variation and one of my new orders includes lace weight wool for me to try to knit Houlland (dad's challenge to me) I found a few of the tiny mitts, cardigans and sweaters I knit during a time when I felt like this before. They are twelfth scale miniatures in little sets which I kept and today they reminded me how craft work helped me through.

Autumn is my favourite season and hopefully we may be back on track for some more nature photo shoots although I think dad is getting used to the fashion ones, he even styled one of my shawls for one photo. Dad secretly enjoyed the KALs and I think the ladies know who alongcamedad is by now. He is my enabler to keep planning projects and asking if there will be wool in the post today!

I looked up and saw a rainbow, 
without an end and remembered, 
who painted the rainbow

Thank you for reading and understanding sometimes we can't see a rainbow unless we have tears


Outside my window

Trailing along