Splash of summer

Did the sunshine know we were about to celebrate our 3rd anniversary blogging our adventures around Northern Ireland? Summer has been questionable this year but out of the blue the sunshine appeared enticing us to spend an afternoon at one of our favourite haunts, Rowallane gardens, the one we got locked into last year while taking photos of fungi. We still have the note left on our car with the telephone number to rescue us and open the gates to allow us to go home.

Glorious blue sky

We doddled about, imagine no coats, cardigans, sweaters or haps! This was summer and the best time to add a blog post and share the splash of colours we enjoyed around us. The little cottage nestled with pink rose buds falling around the stonework, so pretty. 


The book store was open (think a tiny room in a courtyard, not a huge bookstore online) always a magnet at the end of our walk. I didn't spend as much time looking for books as the display of wellie boots attracted my attention and what better a subject for a photo shoot. What a perfect end of life for wellington boots. the colourful ones were in the courtyard while the green line up was at the open air reception hut. 

We passed through the formal garden, checking to see if the sedum was in bloom as last year it was clothed with so many butterflies we don't want to miss the sight again even if we have the same plant in our garden which is already attracting guests. We spotted a few butterflies, flitting across our path, determined they weren't going to be in any of our photographs!

Tissue fine

A few snaps of pretty flowers before we went into the field, were the cows might be! I would love to share the sounds we heard, no not the cows moo but the grasshoppers were vocal and a full party was in swing! Once one started the rest joined in and dad happened to glimpse a movement in the grass and there he was our first grasshopper this year. He was so lively in his party mood but I managed to get focus as we needed him for the party on our blog.I couldn't resist the golden glow of a little overfly working away in the sunlight.

Thank you to all who have followed our blog, we hope to have more to share when we are able to get out and about. I may be indulgent as the knitting KAL I was taking part in is due to end and I might upload the photos of the haps I completed knitting along with my Ravelry friends. After that it will be back to adventures with 'alongcamedad'


Both of us appreciate all the comments and correspondence via our Contact us. The blog wouldn't be here if we didn't have friends like each one of you. Ivan and Beverley

Trailing along

Asleep on the wing