Life on the wing

We don't always look down, we sometimes lookup! I stopped and listened hearing a different yet familiar sound. I am used to dad's walking about when he is wondering when food will be served but this wasn't the same sound that I heard. High up on telegraph line a little group of what we now know to be swallows were lined up and watching for their inflight meals.

prim and proper

They are summer visitors from Africa, arriving on our shores to breed and care for their families from March onwards, in preparation for the long flight home. Their call could be described as a liquid sound swit-swit swit-swit.

Shout, look and scream for food

Needless to say our intended walk didn't proceed but both of us ended up with sore necks, sore arms, holding heavy cameras above our heads as we watched with admiration and fascination as the parents fed their young on the wing.

In flight meals

I had to stand beside dad as he looked quite odd up the side of a house with his camera! Passersby glanced, then took a second look and then we heard their reaction when they witnessed the scene we were trying to on the wing

make sure to swallow!

Well one of the onlookers wouldn't be welcome, can you see what we saw?



I have added some photos to a new gallery and hope through time to add more. The gallery can be accessed from the top menu. I hope you will enjoy some of the photos taken in the long grass. I have a few things to cope with just now but wanted to start to refresh the galleries before the season ends. The main tab 'What we saw' Life in long grass

Asleep on the wing

Life in long grass