Monday blues

I have always been very interested in colours and appreciate how my mum was particular about any of the outfits she chose for my sister and myself that everything co-ordinated as I believe this was the foundation of my love of colours and how they work together. It was Bank holiday Monday blues

weathered by the coastal breeze


It isn’t always easy and I feel more difficult when we rely on computer screens to decide on a colour scheme and this has been emphasised to me when trying to work out colours for Kate and Jen’s new Book of Haps

One design in particular stood out to me as the designer is well know but I couldn’t adjust my eye to the lace edge on the hap/shawl as it seemed to be a pure cream which didn’t flow through the rest of the colours. Last night my confusion was resolved which helped me to see my eye wasn’t as bad as I thought as when I saw the true colours of the wool compared to the actual photo. The cream was no longer a stark cream and was indeed a more muted natural shade, even the golden yellow was muted and had a different undertone which I loved in every way and no longer saw this bright cream lace which I felt was out of place. The wool is only available in the USA but if I had tried to replica it with some of our Shetland wool I would have bought completely different shades. The photograph had changed the colour but in the cut away photos the actual colours are more true to the shades. This reminds me how digital work can be deceptive when it comes to the rendition of colours.

I have had a passion for a shade of blue, almost turquoise with browns, taupes and rusts which encompasses a wider colour range than I can describe. The desire I have astounds me! When I look at colours of clothes I set out for dad, and the clothes I decided to wear for myself the colours were a starting point for the schemes that developed in my mind.

A door I wish could talk as I was listening

Due to my ever growing stash of needles I needed a new case to store my extra ones in. To cut a long story short dad decided a trip in the car to the coast would help me as I try to recover from this awful bug and would be an opportunity to visit the shop I had bought my smaller case from last year. We didn’t walk too far as I am still not feeling the best (my ‘bed’ hair in the photo proves where I have been!) 


I stopped in the street when I noticed a door, the paint was peeling, the hardware was rusty but there before me was the colours I have been visualising for the past week. Unfortunately a car was parked right in front of the door which limited my focus points but I wasn’t going home without taking the photo which helped to keep my inspiration flowing and my mind full of joy.

blue and rust : in my element


There is a photo sharing app which has a topic for ‘Doors you wish could talk’ this photo belongs to that topic as I wish the door could have spoken. Despite the peeling or should I term it distressed paint work someone lives behind the door. The lady wasn’t there but my mind is engaged in her story. Most people would pass by, perhaps avoid the door but to me it was a door which brought my colour idea to reality.

case in point or dots


I set my case on the window sill and I am sure you will see from the photo, my case matched the colour, is this another clue to my way of thinking?

I am enthusiastic to learn more about colours and how they affect my thinking in so many ways. My outfit wasn’t the same tone but there was a theme which is showing me my love of blue is deeper than I thought.

I have so many options to configure when planning my next project. The last hap was revealed today and to my joy it belongs in the deeper tones of my starting point for colour schemes like this. I have already started my frantic search for the German wool used and so far I have found one shop in the UK who stock the wool but don’t have the colours and the German site has one colour but not the other one! I do love the actual wool the designer uses, another what can turn into an expensive taste for me.

As an end note the hap I have added to my Ravelry queue is called Shore hap - another case of the blues!

Life in long grass

Another Yoke