Another Yoke

Miss Rachel II


Another yoke today, this time I have worked my sweater to the colours chosen by Kate Davies, the designer, following the pattern and knitting in the round from the bottom up.

My previous version of Miss Rachel was knit from bits and bobs of wool but still using Kate’s Buachaille. The details can be found on my post A tale of a yoke.

The photo shoot for this one was difficult as I wasn’t feeling well and really should have stayed indoors but I have gleaned some from the shoot to upload to my blog and as before my project notes are on Ravelry (0bev0 : my username) 


Despite feeling unwell the photos have shown me the pattern size with a few adjustments is still a little large on me. I love the way Kate shapes her designs but sadly patterns now use standard sizing which doesn’t seem to cater for my perfect size although I can’t expect this to change as I my size is more to a children’s fit. I will go back to knitting some of Kate’s older collection with more confidence as some go down to 28” which is used to think would be too small. I really hope now I have seen that I am lost a bit in the middle of the lovely shaping and could knit this on a finer gauge as I have quite a few centimetres on each side. It may seem obvious to deduct stitches but the maths behind pattern design isn’t for dummies! I have all respect for designers and how they can offer the size range they do (don’t ever think knitting is old fashioned and boring as it involves math and so much more) I would love to have this sized specifically for my frame but I know this wouldn’t be possible unless Kate brings out a ‘wee Miss Rachel’ like she has done with a few of her patterns.

The technical aspects aside and with dad’s skill in photography which has given me presentable photos (apart from the fact I had to model and thats a different story!) I know those on Ravelry love to see a tartan skirt, similar to Kate’s amazing style I am sorry to disappoint with my jeans! I have two kilt type skirts but both are short and not the correct tartan for Miss Rachel. I hope you can overlook the jeans and focus on Kate’s braids around the yoke and sleeves. Below are scenes from the casual Miss Rachel

I bought a little dress for Braid Hills which I am currently knitting to be promptly told my legs were too skinny but should I believe dad on this occasion? I will have to try it on again when I feel better although it isn’t a long flowing dress like Kate has! I would need to hurry along as the days for me wearing a dress will soon be gone.

The garden at Rowallane another National Trust property 


I am very excited as I wait for Kate’s new book The book of Haps which I have pre-ordered and should receive early in June. Every day Kate and Jen reveal one of the designs on their blogs and interview the designers. This really is something to look forward to every day. I love noting my initial reaction then reading the interview with one of the thirteen designers, sit in awe then go back and review my thoughts on the hap of the day! 

At least size doesn’t really come into a hap but I have several things to consider before making my mind up. I have an ongoing list which shifts no 1 up and down and I just wonder which one will HaPpen to be the one that will need up on my needles first. NB I said first ;)

I didn’t even think I would ever want to knit a hap but now I cannot wait and would urge anyone interested in knitting and the history of Shetland haps to hop along and pre-order Kate’s new book.

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