Root and Branch experience

When we come home and want to download our photos immediately and I am making notes in my head on the way home, it is a sign that we have enjoyed an experience which wasn’t planned and we wanted to share it on our blog as soon as possible.


We love coffee but it’s not every coffee shop we love. To find the most unique idea for a totally different experience of indulging in a selection of coffee, in an old red brick building, loved and managed by Ben who we had met several years ago. Before we even spoke to Ben we chatted to Simon the co-owner and Caragh, one of the baristas. James the other barista wasn't there today but I am sure we will meet him next time. Simon explained to us about the notes of the coffee and the different methods they used to prepare and serve each cup. 

Cargo one of the baristas and Simon co-owner with Ben


Accurate scales are used to weigh the grounds (the beans had been roasted on site. this happens every Friday for all to see and savour the aroma) As usual I couldn’t make my mind up to which style of coffee, or which bean I was offered but this wasn’t a problem to Root and Branch as they offered us two different beans, prepared in different ways. ‘This was just my cup of tea….coffee’ as I didn’t have to make my mind up. I had the bonus of discovering different beans. 


A wooden board held our glasses and our jugs of coffee. We had two boards and four glasses and someone else to wash up! If we had wanted a home baked treat, they would have served us with a slice suitable to the coffee we were drinking. Everything is made to blend favours and enhance the whole coffee drinking experience. Quality ingredients, excellent service and an atmosphere beyond compare, what more could we ask for on a Tuesday afternoon?

Two photos I would like to add a comment about. The one with the black and white R over the B - it isn’t the wrong way round. Think of the Root under the Branch! - that is attention to detail.

Attention to detail abounds. The signs and logo were all hand painted, no stencils or stickers. Everything is compostable, including the valve in the bags of beans to take home. The valve is made from vegetable starch and the empty bag and valve will compost completely in 90 days. Listening to the news on the way home about how long it takes for take away cups to degrade emphasised to us the importance of our new favourite place and the work Ben and Simon are establishing on the Ormeau Road.

I could write even more about Root and Branch and will possibly publish some more when we call back to take more photos and off course have more coffee. We can both say that it was a place we forgot time and left feeling we had been friends with the staff for years.

Meet Ben!

The wood with the stamp on it is part of Ben’s desk, I don’t think anyone could guess Ben didn’t go out and buy a desk. The desk was made from the wood which covered the big coffee roaster when it was delivered to 1B Jameson Street. This place should be a magnet for all coffee lovers and we would encourage anyone to visit as long as they remember if they see us there, we need a seat in the section which has the heat, outside tables are available too.

Congratulations to Ben and Simon for bringing their venture to this little spot on the Ormeau Road

Root & Branch

We hope you enjoy the photos - this marks our first summer outing with ‘alongcamedad’

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