It's a wrap!

Finally fine weather arrived for me to take my Rams and Yowes out for their photoshoot and keep my promise to update our blog with photos of the finished blanket, throw or wrap. We had fun taking 120 yowes and 48 rams to the fields after being in the lounge for so long.

As usual we had some extra fun and I ended up taking off with my other Kate Davies project, my Deco cardigan as the boss thought he would like to take a photo of it in the glorious sunshine. The day was beautiful and I was chuffed to be able to leave my coat in the car and walk around with deco on but perhaps my temperature isn’t quite there with summer as I had my new deco style short sleeved blouse under the cardigan. It wasn’t a quick point and shoot so goose bumps started to appear and this is when rams and owes proved it was worth knitting.

120 Yowes 48 Rams and a multitude of stitches! Knit in Jamieson and Smith's natural shades of Shetland wool. Nine shades or Shetland sheep.

Deco Design by Kate Davies using Kate's wool Buachaille in Furze

I think you will see from the shot taken from behind me that I really can add the final words to this blog 

‘It’s a wrap!’


As a footnote if the weather continues to improve yesterday gave me a taste of being out with my DSLR and both of us have started to plan some adventures around our little part of Northern Ireland to blog about. I hope you will keep visiting as I have struggled to convince myself to continue with the blog. I also hope you don’t mind if some blogs involve my knitting as I have another saga about a certain Miss Rachel’s yoke I may just share as my project isn’t quite as expected with two versions being knit at the same time and it involves unraveling too.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy looking at the finished Rams and Yowes at last. I can stop having nightmares about not keeping my promise of uploading photos.





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