Work in progress

There is a hashtag used by people on social media platforms WIP (work in progress) and WIPWednesday. I have taken the liberty to involve the WIP Wednesday on our blog today. I started a new blog which I haven't published at the moment hoping to use it for posts like this but as this is our main website I thought I would update the blog today with a follow on to my previous knitting blog posts. 

I mentioned about starting to knit Kate Davies Rams and Yowes blanket which is indeed my WIP this week too and will be for many more weeks to come. I eventually overcame the first hurdle of reinforcing the steek stitches with two lines of double crochet (shown in the photo) after this I had to hold my breath, feel my nerves flying to the sky (dad held on to me so I dint go up with them!) and cut right through my stranded knitting. To our relief the stitches didn't unravel, the blanket began to resemble an actual blanket. The next big step was to pick up 780 stitches by following Kate's method of picking up and knitting which was slightly different from the one I had learned but was reassuring as it further made sure my cut stitches wouldn't go anywhere they shouldn't go! I actually found the picking up more painstaking than the steek which had caused me to eek! 

Steek stitches reinforced with crochet before I cut through the centre  

I have finally gained momentum with working the edges and have four circular needles attached to allow me to increase right up to 924 stitches in order to have an ombré effect border using the shades in the blanket which are knit in close colours but as the edge appears to colour difference is effective. The only drawbacks I have is I find this heavy work on my arm and normally end up in pain plus my fingers just end up pure white and numb but this doesn't stop me as I love to knit and I am looking forward to seeing the blanket complete with the border. I may add or subtract needles as I work the pattern but currently my setup is working as it helps to ease the load of too many stitches on the 150cm length cables. I am using x2 150cm and x2 100cm 3mm needles KnitPro Karbonz. I love these as they are strong but light and have a good point for increasing at the corners. I am also using f&b ringOs as my stitch markers at the corners. I have tried so many stitch markers but these are the most simple yet easily the best as the bead covers the join in the ring taking the threat away of the marker catching on the wool.

A few rounds of the eyes knit approx 812 stitches on at this stage


The photos I have uploaded show the blanket before the steek stitches were cut with the crochet lines to reinforce the stitches. The second photo shows the blanket spread out with the minimal start to the border which as you can see I have a lot ,ore rounds to knit before I can even think of hiding the steek and picking up more stitches to complete an iCord border and that isn't the end so this will be a WIP for some time to come!



I have also taken the liberty to upload two photos of Scatness Tam which I showed the wool for on my last knitting post. The tam was a wonderful pattern to knit and I hope you like the finished look. The brim is lined with Orkney angora making this tam so cosy and comfortable.

Scatness Tam  

Top design of Scatness tam

A little note about our blog with our nature and scenic photos. Currently I am struggling with confidence to be back out and about, perhaps I am a WIP if only I could see the progress! The days are brighter and I hope to feel happier about going out. I have fallen in love with my little Fuji x20 again as it is very useful for indoor photography but I need to get out with my Canon with the superb new lens I added just before Christmas. In the me mean time I am using my knitting to help me feel better and I trust everyone will understand. Dad is somewhere in the garden and comes in dirty so I know he has enjoyed his afternoon digging holes for Robin to find some worms!

Thank you for reading and understanding Beverley

Rams and Yowes baa spa day

Weekend walk