Weekend walk

There was a blue sky, white clouds with a chill to the air which was enough to prompt both of us to don our winter walking attire and venture out to the top of Divis mountain (maintained by the National Trust) for the first of our rambles in 2016. The day was bright and despite feeling the cold to the extreme the feeling of breaking out of routine was immense. Both of us rejoiced to see the sky so blue and the somewhat silent nature adding a spark to my imagination and enthusiasm to share some of the scene we saw on our blog. 

Meet up

The lack of birdsong was notable but we had experienced this on previous visits last year. Hopefully this year if we go back in the spring we will hear some birds on top of this mountain and see the beauty found in nature so wild.


A little anecdote from our walk which I really had to share with you came from strangers passing us with two toddlers alongside them. They were so tiny yet the little boy said ‘moon’ to his father who promptly replied that it was too early for the moon but when he looked up (to his surprise) there was the outline of the moon high up in the sky! Out of the mouths of babes…… his little sister (I guess they were twins had pointed this out to her mother who was just ahead with the buggy. We had noticed the moon earlier and noted it ourselves but to hear one so tiny see what his father didn’t see could teach all of us a lesson of how a child sees things we just think wouldn’t be there just because it was daylight. 

Wind direction

It was lovely to see lots of families out enjoying the crisp air. Generations walking and talking something which seems to be disappearing as families feel more connected with others online! We didn’t expect to see so many people, perhaps a story a bit like the moon!

Lines of communication


Wild ponies grazing, barren land to be walked and yet there was a reminder of modern lines of communication seen in the power lines, a necessary means but what are these lines doing to our landscape?


We hope you enjoy the photographs and can feel the chill in the air and remember the day when the child told his dad the moon was out! Our only disappointment was the coffee barn wasn’t open to provide a much needed cup of warm coffee.

Pony whisper

As a footnote for anyone who has read my knitting posts I am still knitting and my Rams and Yowes blanket is complete to the point I am trying to reinforce my steek stitches before I shake with a pair of scissors to cut a line through the design to reveal a flat blanket then start picking up a lot of stitches to knit round the edges! I fear I will fail which means I am going slowly but I really would like to overcome this next part as I really want to have a finished blanket. I am knitting a tam just now to keep me busy in the evenings as I cannot imagine trying to steek when I go to bed! Beverley

Work in progress

Counting sheep