One fair Isle

It has been a while from my last blog. I miss blogging and sharing our photos but I have had to accept a few changes but that doesn't mean I haven't been enjoying hobbies at home. I still hold hope we can visit some of our favourite places and have photos of our 'fair isle' to share on our blog. Today I am using our space online to share some photos of one of my projects which reflects Fair Isle stitches. 

A brief synopsis of the project starts with Ravelry and the group I belong to who announced a new challenge for November 'Always wanted to make' this could include anything we have always wanted to make. The projects that were added and the talent revealed within the group were stunning and inspiring. I couldn't even keep up with the group as so many projects and crafts were shared, my energy levels ran down even trying to read all the posts. Jen's group can be found on Ravelry and anyone is welcome to join but be warned you will have more lists and WIPs than even a disciplined person like me never had before!

One of my 'always wanted to make' was a sweater that fitted me without too many alterations, one knit from the top down as opposed to the traditional bottom up and reading charts although this is necessary for colour work the socks I knit and the stole I am knitting are both challenging me with charted designs. Perhaps I can share them at another time.

I think I best stop describing as the blog will be too long, as usual once I start I don't know how to stop! There was an emotional journey with this sweater as my doubts and worries were an obstacle to me even getting to the point of letting dad take the photos but with dad's big nudges and the support of my friends in the group I finally put my sweater on this week.

One Fair Isle, a hat, a coat and pair of boots, that's what we needed for our photo shoot

The end of our shoot who would know I was frozen to the tree, dad just had to lift me and take me home

We started at a wall, a place where I had taken portraits of dad in the past, he remembered and now it was me who suffered the cold stone as I sat looking composed.

Standing to attention! There is no slacking on this job when you boss has the camera but really I would much prefer I was on his side of the lens!

One thing I had forgotten was the photographer had an empty wallet, a hint, a tip was all he needed, we could go home our mission completed..........

I got my own back when dad was up to his tricks, this all just happened but when I looked at the photos my imagination ran riot and now I can turn the tables to my side of the iPhone lens

I haven't detailed a lot about the pattern although I would like to mention my new found love Brooklyn Tweed Loft wool! I would go without food to buy more wool and yes, I am planning another Fair Isle in different colours. All the knitting details are on my Ravelry project page (0bev0) but if by chance you aren't registered there (why not?) please use my contact form if you would like any more details. I really enjoyed knitting this despite my worries I will be wearing my new sweater soon.

Thank you for reading and encouraging me along the rows to the finished object. Beverley

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