Robin's return

It seems appropriate to start the new year with a photo of a robin, the first bird to visit our garden when we looked out of the window on the 1st of January. Robin always has a place in our hearts and as a note of added interest our bungalow is called ‘Robin’s Return’ another reason I feel he deserves his photo on our first blog of 2016.


All the rain we are experiencing has had devastating effects on the mainland we have noticed the birds are enjoying the sodden ground as food is so much easier to find. We can see the extent of the damage the constant rain has had on people and their homes which is something we cannot imagine unless we go through the loss of our home comforts. 

The aftermath in nature still has to be seen as land has been covered, trees have fallen amongst. How many butterfly cocoons have been lost, vital insect life and the general ecosystem? Will we see a different Spring when flowers and insects come to life. Last year our butterfly count was down, with the weather happening all over the world add more to our endangered list?

We will be observing and trying to compare our experiences last year with what we may or may not see when nature reveals the aftermath of a very wet season. Take time this month to watch and listen as the birds sing from the treetops as soon we will be anticipating their new broods to add to the chorus we will hear at dawn. Before another birdsong ends

Winter saunter

New Year priority