Weekend restoration

Sometimes when I face challenges and feel lost in this world I take my camera and engage my heart and soul with nature. We were discussing this week how this changes me and how I don't even think about who might be looking at me or criticising something about how I look or what I am wearing. All too often 'fitting in' affects my health and how I feel emotionally. We seem to know the next step one of us will take or I will shout out 'white, brown, painted lady' which now we look back on we laughed as our code was for butterflies and we are sure anyone passing by must have wondered what on earth we were talking about as we could have been a distance from each other. Patrick Barkham explains in his book 'The Butterfly Isles' how his affinity with his father when searching for butterflies was like no other and I can completely understand this. I cannot believe how much his reactions I have read  in his book are akin to how I feel.

Today (this week) was a mixed one for me but these words from Rachel Carson, author of 'Silent Spring', spoke to me in the same way as I associate with Patrick Barkham. I want to share them tonight as the weekend begins, hoping that someone reading our blog will find the words refreshing and restoring. 

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the Earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts" ©Rachel Carson

Keep focus  

Keep focus  

Summer weekends will soon be over, savour the treasures nature provides before hibernation. Beverley  

All eyes

Behind my phobia