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I didn't expect to be sitting typing a blog today as we had planned to visit Murlough nature reserve with our cameras and the picnic I had made which is now in the fridge. I don't think dad would find it was fun if I set out a picnic rug on the lawn and served his dinner in our garden. We had expected to be out all afternoon and find a picnic is best as I can cater for dad with food I know is suitable for him. I am normally so tired after our photo shoots the fact I don't have to come home and start to make his dinner is a welcome change although we don't do this often especially in recent times when summer sunshine and warmth has been debatable! Back to my reason for blowing instead. I have injured my shin bone and it is throbbing away despite painkillers and resting. Just think of a solid wood chopping board, a big landscape sized one...well in my hurry to get things ready I dropped it and it hit my shin, I wouldn't add the details of what happened next suffice to say I have been lying in bed and walking isn't an option without pain. I just hope I don't end up in A&E later especially as I have a fear of hospitals. 

I thought I would make use of my down time to add a blog with some photos of the books we have added to our reading lists. As anyone knows who follows our blog and photos we have been focused on nature and the impact regeneration of the environment is having on butterflies, insects and their overall habitat. This led us to look for more books, some of which we have borrowed from the library and a few I received as gifts to treasure as the photography is stunning with excellent details about nature. I am saddened when I read the list of butterflies, once abundant yet now (due to progress......) their numbers are down and some barely exist at all.

We had fun the other night with my friend Sion who lives in Wales and has a keen interest in nature and the decimation we are witnessing today. We exchanged links to books adding them to our wish lists and Sion went a step further and bought some as we went along! It was Sion's recommendation for Bob Cowen's Common Ground which prompted me to add this book to my collection. Dad joined in as part of our cyber book club that night and was soon asking to look up titles he had in his 'books to look out for' notebook. Enthusiasm for reading was evident that night and now the books have started to arrive. I have more on my list and if my leg doesn't feel better soon it looks like I will be needing more books or should I buy the Kindle I have been in a dilemma about for months?

I only gathered the books close to me to take this photo and have posted close ups of the covers of the books I have added to my collection that aren't library books. The one on Dragonflies and Damselflies has the most stunning photography and is actually printed in Cultra County Down. I only want to share the cover of these books (all rights reserved to the publishers, National Museums Northern Ireland, author, photographer and artwork creator) to recommend others to read the books as it was the cover of the Dragonflies and Damselflies which prompted me to leaf through and purchase the book. Rob Cowen's book (rights reserved to the author, illustrator and publisher Windmill-books) We have more to read but this selection is from our currently reading...... oh how I miss my camera today but it was my fault for rushing with a heavy chopping board in my hands! I hope my leg will stop throbbing and I will hobble to get out for some photos as soon as I can.

6th August update to this post. I can throughly recommend Partick Barkham's The Butterfly Isles. I will have to purchase a copy of this book as I don't want to return it to the library. I can relate to the author in so many ways. Every page holds my attention and adds to my knowledge. I haven't started Common Ground but will update this post when I can add more about it. Any magazines I have are set aside as I don't want to waste time on frivolous things when I could be increasing my knowledge of our butterflies. It's one of those books I want to keep reading but slow down as I don't want to finish it! 

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