First Anniversary

I thought I would mark our first year anniversary today with a post to summarise (if that's possible for me, given the length of some of my blogs) why we have made the decision to keep online for longer. Without the support of some friends who have given their feedback by contacting me privately when I post a blog or those who subscribe to reading our blog I may have given into my doubts and cancelled our plan for this year. At this point I want to express my thanks to friends who encouraged me when I stumbled and lost faith in my photography and attempts at writing. The website has become a great focus point for dad who after all was the reason we decided on alongcamedad as our personal blog. He doesn't find it so easy to share photographs socially given his technical skills (they are improving as he uses an iPhone occasionally and he enjoys lending his eye when I process the photos in Lightroom) I know he would like to add his thanks to the community who accepted him as being someone who was welcome to participate. He enjoys taking photos although he no longer posts them to the app. I know there are a few people who remember how much fun dad lends to our photography days. They still see glimpses of his antics if I share a photo there. Dad is another reason I looked beyond my fears and added changes the style of the site (not without a few glitches) I hope that someday even a few lines of our blog will help someone to see the potential they have if they try photography. We are just a father and daughter with no special skills but have a passion to share the things we see and most of all the wonders of nature on our doorstep.

Only those who know me well will understand that my health isn't the best and things which cause me to feel stress and pressure have consequences which I don't talk about. The blog helps me to express myself no matter how I feel when inspiration arrives my heart bursts to share it. I know this journey with my camera helps me to see beyond some issues I face everyday. I don't want to dwell on this but it might help to explain why our site means so much to me.

Both of us have become attached to our cameras and have found a hobby we can develop together. For some reason dad refused to learn to knit and sew! Likewise I wasn't much good at DIY or cutting the grass....correctly ;) We have just renewed our membership of The National Trust and have proved we have more that justified the cost as dad kept a record of how many times we visited the properties and gardens. The fees incurred would have been a lot more than our memberships costs. We have enjoyed our year and have full albums of photographs to prove how intricately we explored the gardens of each property. The swans must know us along with the moorhens, coots and mallards. 

Aside from our photos in the new gallery and blog posts, we still take the sneaky ones of each other. Dad has escaped a few recently as I have had the close up lens on my camera although my iPhone caught him several times. The photo which will never leave my sight is the one where he was at the edge of the cliff at Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge (I still have nightmares) I can see from the ones dad takes of me that I really should have taken up yoga and now know what I come home aching or have to take painkillers before I get home! We have had to curtail our days to staying in smaller areas rather than those climbing and walking further. We actually enjoy this as we have discovered it pays to take time to stop and stare especially when we discover nature's hidden treasures. We come home tried but it doesn't take long to feel the passion to go out an explore again if only the weather would improve and I would get more than one day wearing a t-shirt!

We will be back blogging for some months to come. Thank you for reading and thanks to those people we have met along the way who gave us permission to take their photographs. We have met some lovely people and have been able to send them the photos we have taken on a personal basis as we wouldn't publish this type of photo online. Our contact form can be used if anyone comes along to our site after we have met them as we have a few new photos to email taken at Mount Stewart on Sunday.

Last night we went to one location to search for butterflies or dragonflies. Disappointment hit both of us, we were soon back into the car to visit the over grown parkland to satisfy our longing for just one good shot. I will leave this story for another blog this why I cannot give up blogging just now? Beverley  

Evening patrol

All that flutters