Close up with Canon again

A follow up on my previous blog post on the results from adding the Canon 250D close up lens to my 50mm f/1.4 prime lens. The weather was sultry the following evening so off we went back to our park. Last year this park had butterflies and the Burnet moth in abundance but this year we have noticed a difference. It may be the fact the weather hasn't been the best until now as there are plenty of grasses and wild orchids to provide food for anything that cares to flutter by. 

We had one five spot Burnet moth (black wings with the red spots) and a Brown Meadow butterfly who insisted on keeping his wings closed although I managed to wait patiently for a shot with the black dot on the orange of his wing. There were several Ringed butterflies who chased and fluttered endlessly. They certainly had more energy than me but proved to test our patience waiting for them to land and then waiting again for the wings to spread.

As you can see I am really enjoying the extra lens and have uploaded a few more photos taken on my second evening using the lens. I will have to remember I have other lens and I really should be adding a 100mm to my kit although I borrow dad's which is handy!

Master of disguise

Canon close up