Scrubland Treasure

Once again I feel compelled to type this blog post as it is my passion to express how my mind is exploding with the wonders of nature. Visiting formal gardens and parks has been a feature of our blog and we are grateful to have pictorial scenes captured at the different places we visit. It was on visiting one of these gardens we almost came home with disappointment in our hearts as we didn't see one butterfly among the cultivated flower beds. We cannot deny the beds were buzzing with bees which we all know are vital to our existence. I don't know if it is due to the fact I am squeamish about things that fly especially when they are small like moths, butterflies and insects that I seem to find all the creatures. I still have a fear and know if I discovered one of the creatures featured in this blog arriving in my bedroom I would be out of the room (perhaps with a scream) to seek the help of dad to take whatever flew in out! If there are trips arranged to discover wildlife I think I could be the leader as there is no doubt I find them. 

We discovered that aside from the well kept rose beds it is worth looking in the wildflower type meadows to see nature alive and hopefully being conserved. I will jump ahead to our recent discovery when I decided we wouldn't go into the park but we would search a rejected patch of scrubland to see if our theory worked here too. This wasn't an area planned as a wild flower meadow, it is literally a dumping ground until (unfortunately) they may clean it up. A sneak peek at one jewel found in this patch and then I will show the actual area where we found the natural world opening our eyes to the importance of leaving ground growing wild. 

Common Darter dragonfly on old plank of discarded wood 

Would you stop at a place like this when there is a park with wood carvings, a river, flowers and a path which isn't soaking wet and you can walk through without getting hurt and stuck in the thistles? We stopped, I got stuck and bitten but we experienced the most fulfilling time trying to find, identify and understand the inhabitants in the patch of land.

I simply cannot express how much the next set of photographs have helped me to come closer to my fears of these tiny creatures. I have a 5K iMac and when I see the full file size with the tiniest details before my eyes, I feel tears and the determination to find more places like this to help spread the word about how we are endangering our environment by forgetting nature doesn't necessarily find a home in the well cut lawns and hybrid flowers which have lost there scent to attract the wildlife created by God. I know our photos may not appeal to everyone and I don't expect to hit featured spots when shared socially but if we can use our website to share our passion, I truly hope you will support our view. When I feel I don't want to go on I just take my camera to scrubland.......

I have uploaded a few larger size butterflies and bees to my Flickr account if you would like to see more detail as it is impossible to cover all aspects in this blog. Some of the butterflies have damaged wings (possibly by a predator e.g. a bird) but they still try to survive. I trust there isn't too many photos but these are only some of the many we have from the very small patch of scrubland. Thank you for taking time to get this far, I can assure you we both appreciate it. Beverley

All that flutters

Master of disguise