Canon close up

After reading an article in Canon's EOS magazine I decided to purchase the 250D close up lens to use with my 50mm f1.4 prime lens. I know this doesn't replace our 100mm macro lens but we share this lens and often swap cameras to take a shot depending on which camera body the lens is on. I love to shoot for detail and rather than duplicate the macro at this stage, I came to the conclusion that my love of the 50mm prime could be extended by fitting the 250D close up lens. I would be able to get closer to the shots I wanted albeit with the risk of disturbing a butterfly and being closer to an insect which may not appeal to me!

The close up arrived and in my usual style I worried my first set of photos would be a blur and it would take me a while to become familiar with the addition. All factors were against me as I had spent the day changing the beds (sore arms) the evening turned out to be very windy, the sky overcast and to add the final straw (grass) we couldn't find the butterflies we had found in the same park last year. We decided it was time to go home when my eagle eye spotted the blue wings of the small blue butterfly spread open, for a second. Heading home was prosponed for an hour, tiredness and cold were forgotten about and the photo shoot commenced.  

To my surprise when we downloaded the photos the results were more than I expected. I am now looking forward to using the close up lens more and have uploaded a few of the photos taken on my first evening with the lens. I feel very comfortable using the lens and hope to learn the best settings to use the more I experiment and express my creativity. Hopefully next time I wouldn't have to contend with the grass blowing constantly or a little girl passing asking what I was doing and almost poking our butterfly of the grass in her curiosity. How the butterfly held on in the wind is a mystery. I longed for an open winged shot but was defeated although I managed one which isn't the best but it still shows off more of the beauty when the butterfly tries to fly.

Close up with Canon again

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