Changing focus

It has been eleven months since we launched our website and realise we need to keep our ideas moving. At first my thought was to finish our year, keep our domain but withdraw our site online. I didn't feel I was achieving the goals that I first imagined but there was a part of me that knew the site was an inspiration to dad which would mean letting him down along with friends who have supported us throughout this journey. I still struggle and criticise my work on a daily basis but I do this in all aspects of my life. After our last blog post about finding our photo editing software we began to reconsider a new style as an option before our renewal was due.

I don't have a magic wand to suddenly become confident but I know I have learned from the time we have been online. I have brought over our blog posts as an archive as they are part of my heart where the writing is concerned but part of our plans will be to have a new style of blog which may only include a few images or if I feel a story in my heart then I will type a longer blog. I love writing but know I write too much. As a naturally shy person writing helps me especially when I don't feel well enough to enjoy an active social life. 

Our galleries didn't please me at all. At first I was happy uploading photos but on reflection keeping the galleries changing was quite burden as I know I never come home completely happy with my images. We have a new page with images which we will add to but only when they fit a specific criteria which we have set. The blog will be our focus for more images if we feel sharing several images of the trip would benefit anyone who reads our blog. 

I don't want to set myself time limits as I know I will panic and feel I am hopeless if I fail to upload every week. I am enjoying learning Lightroom although as I stated previously I don't over edit even with extra tools at my disposal. I still wish to maintain a degree of enjoyment without adding stress. I can't hurry through the images we shoot therefore setting a target time really would discourage me and in turn have impact on my health which is a primary reason we have had to reconsider our site. I need time to adjust to our new style and trust this refreshment will make visiting our site a better experience. 

I have been most encouraged since our chats about our site that dad has become more involved. He has been very interested in Lightroom and has also taken on the task of note taking when culling photos or resizing for our site. This has given me a boost and the encouragement I need to keep going.  

Thank you for your understanding and patience as our new style evolves. Both of us just want to share our non professional photographs of the places we visit on our small island. We are enthusiastic amateurs with photos and stories coming from our hearts. 


Please note if you subscribe via RSS the new blog will have to be added again. Thank you  


Rough Island