Big House Reborn

Mount Stewart house and gardens

Mount Stewart house and gardens

Last week we had the privilege of attending the preview showing of the UTV documentary covering the restoration of the National Trust property at Mount Stewart. The series continues on a Monday night at 20.00hrs for those who can view UTV. We enjoyed our evening and had our first glimpse into the rooms after watching the first two episodes of the program. The renovation cost £8m and took three years to complete.

I have added some photos taken as the evening light spilled into the rooms. I was able to use my iPhone to capture some scenes. Hopefully we will visit again and spend time with our cameras in two of the rooms which contain some interesting objects begging to be photographed (at least in our eyes) We would love to have a peek into the kitchens although they are not currently open to the public and we will patiently wait that day. The house is still home to Lady Rose Lauritzen who is featured in the documentary and was at the preview, this made the evening very special. I also caught up with a school friend who I hadn't seen for a long time. It was good to renew friendship with her. 

The house sits in very attractive grounds and is home to our family of seven cygnets plus their mum and dad. We visit our little family with their friends the mallards and moorhens on a regular basis. We have a lot to be thankful for as Mount Stewart has so much to offer if you just take your time to stroll, stop and stare but please remember not to fall into the lake in pursuit of a stunning photograph! (an along came dad trick) Some of these days (here's hoping) we will bypass the lake and reach the well presented gardens to the side and back of the house. Currently we are counting damselflies at the top of the lake which can take time and patience. I am sure the people passing by wonder what we are up to.

If you have the opportunity to visit Mount Stewart, don't waste time, go as soon as possible as we think like us you will want to keep going back. There is work going on to restore the rose garden which promises to add yet another attraction to this property and grounds. If you see a silver haired photographer and his daughter, please say 'Hello' but most of all tune into the program if you can, it has left us with great respect for the work of the National Trust.


Canon close up

Ropey Bridge