Ropey Bridge


As promised a blog post following our visit to the fishermen's cottage with photos to show crossing the rope bridge at Carrick-a-Rede. On our last visit we couldn't see what was below us but were left with the predominant sound of the gulls through the mist. This time the gulls greeted us with their smell wafting up on the breeze! I don't think there would be any profit selling bottles of this memory. I have added a photo of the misty day to show the contrast in the weather. We are pleased to have had two different experiences although this time the sway of the bridge held fear for me.


Visitors from across the world line up to experience crossing the bridge. Selfie sticks were evident as people wanted to record their memories to share. Social sharing has added a new attraction for the bridge and our experience on this visit was enriched by meeting a girl from Brazil who was travelling alone and asked if I would take her photograph. We enjoyed chatting to this girl and have sent her some portraits by email. Camera shy me was taken out of my comfort zone when out of kindness she took our cameras to take our photos on the cliff. To have someone do this spontaneously made me think as I realised this girl didn't judge the way I see myself and was only wanting us to have a memory of a photo together instead of those sneaky ones we take of each other!


We spent a long time at the actual bridge but were also curious about the coastal path. This led to a lovely little harbour, Port Ballintoy (another film location for The Game of Thrones) I was exhausted and think I went a few steps too far. First aid was called for (thankfully dad had painkillers in his rucksack) The long path back, a sit down protest but I can't deny we enjoyed our day. Next time we might have photos to share of the harbour. 

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