New Year priority

As this year passes and tomorrow we will enter into a new year I would like to add a short blog post today despite being out off action to add more photos and adventures when we would go out with our cameras.

The theme of my post today is different from my normal blog stories but it is something I wanted to share. I have had time out from things which can so easily upset me and this has given me time to read, to correspond with good friends and have quality time at home with dad. I have a book which I will read every day again this year; it will be my third year reading this book and each year it refreshes my mind and spirit at the start of each day.

As the new year approaches people will make resolutions and prioritise aspects of their lives. I have learned that it wasn’t until about a hundred years ago that the plural ‘priorities’ became part of our language. Up until then it was a singular word from the Latin ‘prior’ meaning first. Stop and think, in reality a priority is the most important but in a busy world we seem to have acquired a list of priorities. It is a sad fact that we are all too busy to leave aside time for something which brings richness to our lives or to others. We diligently arrange our To Do lists, we must connect online and post status updates in order to seem part of a world of people who don’t always care enough to read what we post. During my down time I have set aside time to think about things which are important to me and reflect on how I participated in things during 2015.

As I think about 2016 I don’t know what lies ahead but I know anything that happens has been planned for me. Through our adventures in 2015 our love of nature has been the main focus of our blog. We have kept our website to share our images as often I don’t feel they are in the trend accepted on social sharing sites but I still want to share our homeland and the places we go with people who visit our blog. 2016 may hold changes for our site but both of us trust if we maintain our theme with some fun added that you will keep visiting and will feel free to share our world as we see it through our camera lens and the short blogs I type to express how we feel.

The past weeks haven’t been easy but the words of a hymn kept my mind focussed on all that goes on which involves life online that shouldn’t take priority as there are much more important things than ‘likes’ or being ‘discovered’ I have chosen an image to express those words and their significance in my world.

Robin's return

Time to remember