Mount Stewart Festival of Light 2015

Festival of light 2015

Mount Stewart in a new light

Our enchanting visit to the preview night of Mount Stewart's annual illumination event. The event promised to be mesmerising and the promise was fulfilled as true to form with us recently we were last to leave and would seriously consider a second visit to this year's Festival of Light.

People sharing their expectations while listening to the music as the leith show begins to shine.

Three little lights amongst many more 

 It's time to have a ball, enjoy the journey with us

 Fancy a tree?

Setting the scene

Family quality time 


Our experience last night was one we will both remember first and foremost for the enchanting sights and sounds of this year’s festival. It was completely different from 2014 and to us we enjoyed the music much better as last year’s was based on movies, neither of us are movie buffs! Did the music keep me absorbed? It was gentle and effective as the lights changed colours all around me. My mind was intent on taking photographs to share on our blog and this is why I forgot the time and even how cold and tired I was. The only company I had was my sister contacting me by IM from her home as she was hoping I would find dad. My iPhone battery was running down as I used it to chat to my sister and to take some photographs. I also used it as a torch on parts of the path which were very dark. Siri asked if he could help, but does he even understand me?

The exif information on our photos shows both of us were still taking photos after 9pm and the event closed at 8.30pm….if we hadn’t lost each other we would have been even later as we would have stopped to take more of the scenes in and try different camera settings. We might even have stopped longer to watch the display without thinking of photography. True to form from our last visits to Mount Stewart and Rowallane we were almost locked in again. To make matters worse after the relief of finding dad who had resorted to a torch to look for me we both lost each other again for another 15mins. When we were finally reunited it was straight home to bed with only a message to my sister to let her know we were home. I am in recovery mode today.

Should we book to go back if there are any tickets left or perhaps we should leave our places for those who haven’t experienced this year’s Festival of Light. The National Trust has once again left a magical glint in out eyes and out minds when they hosted this illuminating event. The doors open to everyone from the 20th - 29th, booking online is essential.

Time to go home 

I think I can add our moto should be ‘Our cameras draw us into a vortex of vanishing hours’

Passing strangers

Lighting up Mount Stewart