Lighting up Mount Stewart

We are looking forward to attending Mount Stewart's Festival of Light for 2015 which will be a different display than last year's event. This year promises to be enchanting as it is based on the Son et Lumiere which originated in France. Our first photo on this blog was taken at the festival in 2014.

The spectacular display around the lake in 2014, a memory we couldn't forget

One tends not to think about the preparation and hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order to make the event a success and enjoyed by everyone who visits. We didn't see this part last year but when visiting Mount Stewart yesterday a blog post started to form in my mind as the team were starting to put in place all the cables, lights and generators that are required to light up Mount Stewart 20th - 29th November. 

Still to unravel

A few plugs for Mount Stewart (not for charging up my iPhone)

Today nature's colours light the scene. This robot like will take over when darkness falls

Boxes hiding in the trees

Practise run when the tree turns blue

Connecting power with nature

Leaves have found a new place to fall

Set to add splendour to an already pretty scene around the lake

Even in daylight the trees are twinkling colours, adding to our anticipation

I peeked below the glow to see a spotlight

Have we stayed too long? Anticipating what the lights will display when darkness falls

Pathway lit up, homeward bound

Nature and light, the end to a perfect day

Mount Stewart Festival of Light 2015

Discovering fungi