Fungi Forage

After our season of chasing butterflies we wondered what we would focus on next. We didn't have too long a break as nature provided a seasonal feast of foraging for fungi and mushrooms. We can add at this point we are novices at identification but both of us are enthusiastic about to learn more about this fascinating subject. How often we have walked in forests over the years and just noticed the odd mushroom without much regard to the significance of finding areas rich in fungi. Our trips have once again become an adventure and addiction to see what we can add to our ever growing list. One of our favourites to date is the Porcelain fungi we have chosen for this blog. To see these in reality give us the boost to keep on looking before the short autumn season ends. Prepared to get wet, mucky and slip and slide, going home with aches and injuries just because a mushroom decided to grow in a difficult place for us to take a photo. Oh how my shins ache and one photo was called off as one slip too many would have had us looking for mushrooms in A&E or maybe a new camera required asap! When dad has to drive straight to the chemist for painkillers, not for him but for me I realise this hobby is taking its toll on my bones! I am counting the bruises and almost hear the odd crack but to find porcelain fungi makes up for any pain I experience.

There is a link at the end of the blog to our fungi gallery.


Porcelain fungi, our favourite find

This little light

Slide and drop

Spinning top

Downside up

Don't forget the camera

Treasure land, for us

Tiny details 

Mucky feet and wet bum! Washing machine for me

If you would like to see a selection of our local finds please visit our gallery found via this link  If things go to plan we will add another blog with some of the ways we are charting our finds and with specific details on a few we actually know what they are. There is so much to learn we will never know enough to satisfy our appetite but both of us can recommend if you are out walking in this wonderful season, check out your area as you may come home as surprised as us to find there is fungi that you only thought existed in books.

We are off with our mushroom caps on to explore more after this period of rain and if the postman who is supposed to be delivering a ski jacket to me today arrives as I need to keep warm with this hobby.

Autumnal wanderings

Autumn wonderland at Rowallane