Fresh start

After a month of turmoil trying to make workarounds with Apple's new Photos for OS X we came to the conclusion we needed to consider alternative software as both of us shoot in RAW and Photos wasn't equipped to offer the finer thing we needed. We tend to keep our photos as shot but with RAW data there is a need to tweak some settings to produce the scene more accurately or as seen through our eyes.

This wasn't an easy process and even worse for someone like me who had kept to Apple only software and had learned to use Aperture the program that Apple decided to discontinue. I couldn't relate adequately how nervous I was to even download trial versions of anything else. Google and YouTube became our constant resource when comparing alternatives. I wouldn't detail all the options, suffice to say I had two applications in mind. One appealed to me slightly more than the other mainly because I was a little apprehensive of Adobe with the added worry of being caught up in another cloud application. I have enough clouds over my head and to add another at this stage was a deterrent to me. I chose my idea of one of the trials on offer which was glossy and new but there was a few niggles especially for someone who is meticulous in maintaining a photo library with keywords, folders and clean bins! 

I didn't foresee I would jump ship so soon but on the expert advice and competent guidance from a very good friend (Niall O'Donovan) I took a leap of faith and installed a trial of Lightroom 6. I am only scratching the surface of this program and to date I am encouraged with the workflow and basic results which I have attempted. I am heeding Niall's advice to take it slowly and enjoy the transition as I would normally try to learn everything at once which only results in tears when things go wrong. 

Now I have started to gain more confidence and know the software I will be using I will be back to blogging about our days out and adding new photos to our galleries. I know I am starting on a new learning curve but I am looking forward to coming home and downloading our camera cards to one program rather than wondering where on earth I will edit our photos. It's early days but I feel much more at home in the software I was completely apprehensive about for a long time.

I feel I have been using the energy needed back in this days without washing machines and tumble dryers! I have chosen the photo taken at Castleward's laundry room to represent the hard work I had to go through to iron out my problems. Our next blog will show those irons of long ago.

Misty coast