The mountains beckoned - again

I am starting this blog post feeling all the emotions I have experienced discovering a world far apart from shopping, the need to 'fit in' to the scrutiny of others which constantly weighs my mind down. Thank you to anyone who follows our blog, we both appreciate your support. I realise I have the tendency to think I am writing a book and may type too much! Please feel free to contact me if you would prefer short blogs with more photos (of which we have lots) unfortunately blog sized photos don't always portray the full scene. I know for sure a blog could never express just how we feel when we stand on a mountain (that would be a book!)

Ben Crom reservoir

I will keep this one short, for a change...I wonder if this is due to the fact I used up all my energy battling against the wind whilst trying to climb Slieve Binnian. The wind was fierce and knocked me off my feet twice. I think I would have flown over Ben Crom if I didn't have everything but the kitchen sink packed in my ruck sack. Dad had to battle too and was seen on hands and feet as he scaled the heights. I was proud of him as he isn't exactly a teenager!

silver rocker

I will leave some photos to tell the story. Visit our Random clicks for this week 19th April to see more and on a more permanent bases there will be a gallery block with photos taken around The Mourne Mountains.

Misty coast

Pastime rekindled