Pastime rekindled

Chris Brasher walking boots, refreshed and ready to explore more

A new chapter opened for both of us when we started to feel our enthusiasm return for hill walking. There are a lot of miles under our feet from past years of walking the hills in Yorkshire and the Peak District, fond memories but very few, if any photos. We thought we would invest in new walking boots but to our disappointment neither of us can buy boots like this in our size. Whoever designs boots now start at a ladies UK size 4 or mens UK size 8. Both of us have smaller feet therefore when dad found our old boots he dusted them off and set to work to restore the leather with great success. I don't think anyone would join us on our acrobatic walks but we enjoy the fun! 

Our first few walks were badly prepared for regarding water and snacks as we didn't anticipate how much our love for the great outdoors would return. One of the days we didn't have one drop of water to share, we survived on fresh air! It's not so easy when it comes to snacks for dad therefore I had to get my thinking cap on and adapt a few ideas to make them suitable for dad (Type 2 diabetes, controlled with diet and guess what? Exercise!) I knew protein would be ideal as dad's muscles would need replenished (check out the photos of how he uses his energy up) a lot of energy snacks use dates, chocolate and peanut butter, all of which I couldn't use. Just a few photos to show the different terrain our boots will walk along or on some days fall down, we have both done it! Our camera bags are heavy and can lead to balancing problems but hey ho, that's the way we go.

Eventually I made some protein snacks and with trepidation I slipped them into my ruck for dad. At first I thought he was so hungry he would have enjoyed anything, but no, I think he walks further and climbs higher so that I will feel sorry for him and give him another snack! They have been a great success, the only problem I have is finding the time between walks to make more.

Snack attack taste test : no added sugars. Dad loves these

I have other plans for picnic type food for him as we can't just stop at the chip shop or have a pizza. We still maintain dad's dietary requirements and keep his food as healthy as possible. The last walk in the mist I had prepared my version of a frittata and took a few slices with us. When we eventually arrived back at the car dad was grateful for some nourishing food which pleased me as we didn't make any excuses to eat junk food. I am busy thinking of more ideas while dad plans our days wherever the notion takes work!

Dad plans the route. I plan his food. He didn't eat all of the frittata I froze some for another day

These boots where made for wee feet

The mountains beckoned - again

Higher ground