Higher ground

Last week we entered a new area of walking or should I sat climbing on hands and feet as I think we had an overall workout which I am paying up for now as the effects of our walks have caught up on me. Despite this I am looking forward to future challenges and hopefully reaching our destination with the feelings this brings when viewing the scene from the top of a mountain. The mountains are calling both of us and we are determined no matter how much I struggle we will answer the call.

We parked at The Bloody Bridge carpark and set off with only our cameras and extra clothes in our rucks. How stupid we were as we didn't even have a bottle of water and I hadn't prepared the protein snacks for dad as the day was planned at the last minute although I had the foresight to pack some raw nuts for him to have when we got back to the car. I fuel myself with determination to reach a place where I can feel free from routine and release any apprehensions I have about myself. People we met along the way didn't care if my hair was blown about or tucked inside a beanie. Everyone was smiling and enjoying the fresh air, meeting and greeting each other, lending a helping hand at the stepping stones to make sure everyone got over safely. 

The first day we didn't get as far as we intended but this wasn't as disappointing as you might think as we stopped to take photos although I don't think I did too well as I was using most of my energy to scramble along the rocks trying to keep my balance and watching out for dad as his ruck sack was the heaviest and at times I thought I would be calling for rescue which would have been difficult as I didn't have a mobile signal. We took on new roles by helping each other and playing the lead walker at different stages. We were glad to see the car and share one 250ml bottle of water which I let dad have the most off as he was the one to loose more in sweat than I could ever loose! Exhausted when we arrived home but little did we think when the sun blinked the next day we would be back again! This time we got further along the way, reaching the stepping stones and beyond although I admit to be the one to give up before we reached the Mourne Wall as I knew we still had to back track all the way down and up again. The weather closed in on us. We went round just one or two more twists on the path before making the decision to head back to the car. This time we had hot water and Teapigs Peppermint and Liquorice tea to refresh us (next time I really will have protein snacks for dad in my ruck as I will prepare in advance, I hope) I don't think many would join us in a walking group given we didn't have any food or drink. Good exercise, feeling trim at the end as we hadn't eaten anything to add to the calories we had burned although dad doesn't have issue with this so he really does need some food to keep him going.

We had some fun with taking shots of each other as we climbed. I didn't manage as many of dad this time as I really had to concentrate on walking and breathing although I did get some. Dad was having more fun than I knew about taking my antics which made me laugh and have added happy memories to our trek.

We used to climb a lot more and have resurrected our old walking boots and reconditioned them hoping the weather will improve to encourage us to put on our boots and set out on the paths again; this time we will both have our cameras. I have added some photos to our Random clicks gallery for this week but in due course we hope to take some scenic shots to show the scenes around The Mourne Mountains in all their splendour.

Track end in sight but not for Beverley - sleep walking!

Track end in sight but not for Beverley - sleep walking!

Pastime rekindled

Strength training