Strength training

I decided to share a quick blog post after discovering a few photos on dad's camera card, taken of me when we visited Mount Stewart yesterday. I think I now know why I often come home feeling sore and why dad normally ends up carrying my rucksack.

I am in the process of deciding if I should sell my camera a Canon T2i (550D) which is till serving me well but I often look at alternative models with a few features I would like to have although I still haven't made my mind up! I am also considering a new lens but this is another area I haven't decided on as I am tending to think I prefer to focus on detail more than the extra zoom features of some lens we have considered recently. Odd as it may seem but I love the 'click' on dad's camera although he has an older model than me. I also have to take into consideration the weight of some lens especially those with a longer zoom as I think I will have to start to weight train in order to hand hold these although I feel this is why I would also need a new camera to balance the weight.

I know as females we are often concerned about how we look and if we look 'big' from behind! I think I could ask after looking at these photos 'does my lens and my rucksack look big on me?' 


Strength training

Dad never misses a moment and I only know about the shots when I download his photos and he sits back to see and hear my reaction.

Resting but pretending to check my settings

Setting the longing for the new aside I still love my little camera and have learned a lot more about the settings which is a boost for me. I have my list to work on and if I knew I could sell my camera with the kit lens then I think this would make all the homework I am doing just now less futile as by then I should know which camera should be the step up I need.

Higher ground

Tales beyond the closed sign